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Schiit products, shipping to Canada?

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Has anybody from Canada ordered a Schiit Asgard? I contacted them and they're not willing to lower the declared value, and I'm hesitating between that one and the Little Dot MKIII. I'm wondering if Canadian customs would slap me with huge fees. Thanks.

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Schiit is from the USA, we have a free trade agreement, so no duties.

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So much for NAFTA - but actually importing from the US oftentimes comes with huge brokerage fees. Depends on a few factors =/. Ordering from some companies is cheaper than others at the border.

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Just don't go with UPS ground you'll get hit with huge fees, ask them if they can ship via USPS

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Alight I'll see. Wish there was an easy way to find out the total cost. I've been so broke since the holidays =P

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I have had a bifrost shipped to me from them through USPS, and the only charges at the door were taxes.  In my experience shipping from across the border, going through USPS will only ever get you charged with taxes, and you may even be charged nothing depending on the declared value and who's at the customs office that day.  Which isn't likely with anything over $200 mind you.

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YMMV, but I just had a Bifrost shipped to me with a USB option (ie, declared value would have been high-ish), and had to pay no duty, brokerage or taxes. But yes, it comes down to who is working that day, and how they want to ding you. There is every chance I could have been tagged for taxes. *Shrug*

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As long as it's shipped USPS, it will be fine.  If it's shipped UPS, that is when you'll end up playing extra duties and their high brokerage fee, which IIRC varies according to the declared value. All the "I ordered something from the US and paid so much in duties, taxes and fees than" horror stories are all UPS.


I'm thinking about either a LD MKIII or Asgard too.

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It's coming through USPS, hopefully it'll be fine =).

Still at customs right now though, so I'm hoping it'll ship this week.

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I ended up having to pay $45 in customs fees - still stings a bit :(

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Wow, ontop of tax and handling fees?

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No no, $45 of tax of handling fees - no duty. When I ordered my HD650's from the US, customs didn't slap anything on.


I guess I shouldn't complain, but In the US it's pretty much $250 + $20 of shipping, I ended up paying about $345 for the damn thing! Oh well, I guess many people here are familiar with it - start with a budget of $200, end up paying $350...

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My experience was the same. Shipping cost plus HST (Ontario). Nothing extra beyond that.

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Alright thanks, I'll know what to expect next time if I end up getting a Bifrost. Buying used however is that much more interesting now though :P

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Living in Canada is worst when you want to shop around.


I wanted to get Woo Amp but ended up getting Burson 160DS cause I manage to find the local store here in Toronto.


I also want to order Ultrasone Ed 8 and HD800 but can't find any local stores that matches US price. :( damn duty fees !!


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