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Reviewers wanted for reviewing Hisound’ new wooden earphones.  

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Reviewers wanted for reviewing Hisound’s new wooden earphones.


Even though Hisoundaudio has released some very unique products and welcomed by many users, But to most consumers knowledge, Hisound’s brand and products are very unknown in many countries or regions for the language obstacle.

POPO IEM is a pair of new IEMs which has most punch bass while still keeps very balanced 3 frequencies. It is made up of Rose wood and wonderful colored cable. It priced with the reasonable price of USD 89. It will be the stronger competitor at the earphone market.

In order to let more consumers have more basic information of the POPO IEMs, we are going to recruit the reviewers to test and evaluate the POPO IEMs. We will select 1-3 reviewer(s) in each country and offer the free of charge POPO earphone samples.

Please post your application for the sample with this thread. And then send your basic information to service@hisoundaudio.com

Please attach your information for our selection:

1, What is your main reviews on earphones? Please give us the link.

2, Will you promise to write an unbiased review and post it on your local or your preferring forums?


Full name,


Post code

Phone number


ID at Headfi.


Thank you in advance for your passion and participation.


Hisoundaudio,Co., Ltd



One review of POPO


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mark bryan cortez.

id like to try.



review links:




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hi, are these a special version of the popo you already have? if so then ill contact you about review sets, if not you have already send dome out and im reviewing them now =)

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My name is Kachi Eke. I sent my email and information to you via email. I would very much like to review the headphones. I live in the US


You can find my previous reviews here:






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Thanks for all of your interesting on review our earphones.


Please be informed that every one applying the free of charge sample should firstly post your application on the thread to show where are your from( only need your country name), then send your detail information to me by email. For we want to offer the samples to each country than not all samples to few coutries.




Happy new Chinese year !!

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I am in too.


Location: India


Already bought Hisound Golden Crystal. Currently letting these burn-in for 100 hours, will do a complete review after that. Pretty much impressed with the sound.


A short impression about the same:



A short impression of Xears IEMs:


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I'm rather interested!!






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Will post a review from USA if chosen ^_^

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I'm down, USA.


Email sent. biggrin.gif

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I'll give it a shot.

Im from Northern Ireland.

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I'll give it a try. Australia!

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I'd like the opportunity - thanks


New Zealand

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The format of  above several posts are exactly correct. Please send email to me included your name, add, phone number, email, ID at headfi to my email box: service@hisoundaudio.com




Originally Posted by Brooko View Post

I'd like the opportunity - thanks


New Zealand


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Yep - email sent about 20 minutes ago wink.gif

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