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portable headphones under $50 with clean precise bass

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I know that there are specific threads for different things but I find it difficult to find a lot of information on headphones in the style I prefer. I prefer over the ear headphones that are comfortable for long usage that are not closed. I listen to music and other things in relative peace and quiet and I don't travel that often and for that matter have never even been on a plane. 


As far as what headphones I have and have tried I have used koss ktx pro's and ksc75's for years. I also own a pair of Grado SR80's though they don't sound as good without something pretty decent driving them and they aren't comfortable for long periods of times. I also have a pair of jvc flats and coby cv185's, as well as the sennheiser PX100's,  that I read about on these very forums. I have never found the perfect headphone. The koss are fun but sometimes the bass is to boomy rather that clean, precise, or clear. I like bass alot seeing as I grew up around music and my dad is a bass player. I would prefer it to not be on the boomy side though, clean, clear, and accurate would be what I prefer but still fun to listen to. 


I know alot of headphones recommended on this site are closed headphones but I prefer light and smaller over the ear headphones. I prefer no recommendations for iem's or full sized headphones or earbuds for that matter. My purpose of this thread was to seek out the best type of portable headphones of this type in this price range because I am wanting to try out some new headphones and I also believe this thread might be helpful for anyone like myself looking for such a list to reference in the future because sometimes having portable headphones, earphones, and iem's with all the recommendations for full sized or enclosed headphones makes things difficult to find and decipher when you are looking for something as specific as I am. 

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The JVC HAS650($34 on Amazon) sounds quite good. While it is closed, it is very compact, and doesn't isolate so well. It is just a bit larger than the JVC Flats. It has plenty of bass(too much until after you give it a good burn in). It has a warm sound similar to the PX100, but more bass impact since it is closed.


For even more bass though, you need something larger that is closed and isolates well, or else an IEM. The AKG K430 for around $40 on Amazon looks very interesting. It is closed but very compact. It isolates much better than the JVC HAS650. The next step up in bass would be the JVC HAM750 for around $40 on amazon. This is much larger than the HAS650, but gives more bass impact.


Perhaps you should consider an IEM? The JVC HAFX1X IEM for around $25 has a nice bright sound, but also a huge amount of bass.

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yeah i don't care about it not isolating well like i said in the initial post and like i said i am not looking for an iem which i also mentioned in my original post. thanks for the suggestion on the JVC HAS650 though. 


anyone else have any more suggestions?

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thanks for the suggestion. anyone have any other suggestions? I would like to at some point list all of the suggestions for this kind of niche request in the first post if i can get enough suggestions to make it worthwhile.


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no other ideas? really craving some half decent headphones that can provide the low end without getting muddy or boomy? for reference half the music i listen to has a lot of double kick work on the drums so I am looking to hear the low end of the drums and something that gives me an accurate clean bass from the bass player as well. i don't expect a miracle at this price point just want to make the best purchase and i am open to more of a closed design if that is what it takes i just don't want a headphones that suffocates me to death that i feel like i have to take off every little while. if that makes sense?


i am just hoping to not have to sacrifice the quality in the mids and highs to get this. i know some concessions will have to make but a decent compromise has to exist doesn't it?

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i have been reading about the Panasonic HTF600 on head-fi and it sounds like it is pretty good for bass but some reviewers on amazon have said it isn't good and have bashed those on head-fi saying it is. is it really as good as people say? or any other similar options? sounds like you really need to spend the $20+ to replace the earpads because the ones that come with it are that great and seems like it causes sweating? 

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Closed headphones tend to cause hot ears, especially if they aren't small.


The Sennheiser HD228 is very compact and only $28.34 on Amazon. It has plenty of bass, however it is very inefficient, so it might not give you enough volume with a very low powered portable.


How about the Koss UR55? It is $28.20 on Amazon.


There is the Sennheiser PX200II, which is around $70.


The Koss pro DJ100 at around $80 has decent bass.


Why don't you like the AKG K430? The price just recently shot up from $40 to $55 though.



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