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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These tubes have only been briefly tested to make sure they worked upon delivery and then put away and kept in safe storage.  Except for the KR tubes, I sold the amps for which these were intended and have no further use for them.  I don't need the KR tubes because I decided to use NOS PX4 and PX25.  The pair of KR PX4s will be shipped double-boxed and in the cushioned white box shown in the photo holding the PX4 tubes. 


Pair KR PX4:  SOLD


Sophia Princess 274B Mesh:  SOLD


Pair EAT 300B:  SOLD  


Pair EML 300B Mesh:  SOLD


Pair NOS AVVT 32B (300B with large heat sinks for longer life):  SOLD


Pair Woo rebranded Psvane 300B:  SOLD


Pair KR PX25:  SOLD


One EML 5U4G (used for approx. 200 hrs.):  SOLD




My Feedback History:


Please see my Head-Fi feedback and also on eBay and Audiogon, where I have records selling and buying, all 100%.  My username is the same on both, as here, ricmiclaw.  


My eBay feedback is here:


My Audiogon feedback is here:




SHIPPING & PAYMENT TERMS:  I accept PayPal, cashier's or bank certified checks if drawn on US banks and denominated in USD, and US postal or US credit union money orders.  Shipping is typically FedEx or UPS but I will consider USPS for CONUS purchasers and certain non-CONUS purchasers where deliveries are reliable via local mail services.  Signatures are required; no exceptions.  I don't ship until my bank advises me that your draft has cleared or PayPal advises me that your payment has cleared.  Buyer pays PayPal fees (3% for US buyers, 4% for US buyers funding with Amex, 5% for international buyers, and 6% for international buyer funding with Amex) plus shipping and insurance.  I ship almost anywhere that required international shipping documents aren't like shipping parts for a nuclear breeder reactor.  That means there are certain exceptions where I don't ship, including, regretfully, mainland China (but I will ship to Taiwan, ROC and Hong Kong - no problem), and most other places.  If outside CONUS, please ask before getting involved in discussions that wind up wasting our mutual time.  Please inquire if desirous of using an international P.O. Box.  Local pickup is permitted and encouraged to save shipping and insurance costs.  Local pickup means the lobby of a bank of our mutual choosing; not my home.  Local pickup area is Northern Virginia, USA.  International buyers - Having shipped internationally, I'll work with you.  Understand that if you're purchasing a these tubes for "parts-only" value for your local DIY projects, the risk of loss or damage beyond such declared value is entirely yours because insurance cannot be obtained beyond the declared value.  Regardless, the buyer is solely responsible for compliance with all local laws, customs and duties.


RETURNS:  I cannot accept return of vacuum tubes.  I do not have a tube tester.  These tubes were all purchased from authorized sellers and used only as described above.  They worked fine for their brief tests in my former amplifiers and haven't been used since.  I can guarantee only that they are not DOA.  Otherwise, these are sold "as is".   I am not a professional tube seller nor a MOT, nor am I in a position to accept buyers' remorse returns so these are not accepted.  In the event of DOA, Buyer must contact me first to obtain return shipping instructions and approval.  No unauthorized returns accepted.  Buyer pays shipping.  If DOA, I will refund your money minus shipping upon return of all tubes shipped by me.  There are no other warranties or guarantees, express or implied.  I did not hear any microphonic noises but these tubes are also not guaranteed against microphonics; only DOA.  You have 24 hours from receipt of the tubes to report DOA condition to me or the tubes are deemed to have arrived safely and to function and NO CLAIM FOR DOA CONDITION SHALL BE CONSIDERED.  I pack very carefully and have never had a damage claim or return for any reason.  

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