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Wanted: Pico Slim - serial number 420

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This Classified is Closed

Pico Slim - serial number 420

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Willing to pay around 300~400 dollars. 

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Just outta curiousity, you want the #420 exactly?

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Yes, that exact one. 

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Originally Posted by JennaFF View Post

Yes, that exact one. 


Is it because of what we all think it's for?

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Good luck, because I checked my shipment log and serial #420 isn't in the wild.  Which means it was either on a rejected enclosure, accidentally skipped, or still in my inventory (unlikely).

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Justin, I would like the pico slim sn 420. 

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This was pretty entertaining. Ha. 

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Mine is Serial No. <200 and lovin' it. 


It's taken me a long time to get into it...being so small I mislaid it etysmile.gif

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