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AKG Q701 for metal?

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I listen to mostly metal(thrash, progressive, death) but also a good mix of other stuff from female pop vocalists to gangster rap. I am looking at the q701s and getting an amp/dac for it a month or so down the line. I plan on using them with my m-audio fast track in the meantime.



is this a good setup for what i listen to?

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If the 701 is much like the 702 then I wouldn't personally buy it for metal.


My favourite phones for metal are the MS2i and the AD900, ms2 has more bass and a more upfront sound, ad900 more relaxed and better for extended listening. Definitely my favourites for guitar.


Have owned/sold k702, dt880, ATH ad2000, shure 440/940, MS Pro, SR225i

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do either of these have a removable cable? and how long is the included cable on them?

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Actually the HF2 fits metal/rap/vocal listening habit really well. It does well from lower end sources too.
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I love my Q701's they are a really great set, but they DO NOT do metal well, particularly thrash and death, some prog sounds ok, but still not the best choice for it.  You really want something with a warmer mid-centric sound for that.

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I listen to a lot of metal, especially thrash, and I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-990's. They work well with metal, especially if the production is good. I auditioned K701's together with the Beyers before buying and they do NOT fit metal at all, Metallica did hurt my ears!

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If the rumor is true that they're kind of an open version of my SRH940s, I'd not recommend them for metal or gangster rap.  A lot of metal is mixed with not enough bass, and I tend to listen to a lot of down-tuned metal with synchronized rhythm guitar, bass and double kicks, so I enjoy how that sounds through bassier cans like the Pro 900.  I also like the SR-325is for metal, as it adds more snarl to the guitars, but I have to boost the bass more.

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bass + metal = grado rs1.

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I've got to throw in my 2 cents .,...... without all the audiophile lingo I'll just say this .......   I got the Q701's for Christmas from my super awesome fiance' and they are the BOMB.  I listen to mostly Jazz at the moment but I do go in for ...er on the edge music,  The prog metal I've thrown at them (paradise lost, anathema.... even fields of the nephilim) sounds absolutely un-real .....   the straight out death metal / black metal sounds pretty great too ..... here's the catch ..... these headphones are so freaking good they are only  limited by the effort the music producer put into the recording ..... ( last years new Burzum, sorry Count, sounds like crap  but the newest thing from Marblebog will crush your skull!) .....


The only issues are this .... and not issues for me ... 1) they absolutely have a break in .... don't be disappointed when you first listen to them.... over the first 2 weeks the changed DRAMATICALLY , and still are now 4 weeks on.  .....  2) The BASS is true to life, not pushed at all ... so all the reviews are right .... don't expect bass heavy stuff to sound that great.   


I'll be a great big geek and tell you the best stuff on these has been prog rock ....  specifically "Tubular Bells" LOL no joke..... and the new remastered Floyd stuff .... certain Jazz albums are amazing ... but the q701's are so good I'm hearing the things that people complain with the way Van Gelder recorded some things ...


SO yeah .... I love these cans ..... but get something different if your looking for bass to shake your brain .











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k701s are very good for jazz music. very open sound.

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This obviously comes down to personal preferences, but to me jazz is a genre that wouldn't sound right with a massive soundstage.  It'd be like listening to it in a concert hall vs. a small club, and obviously the latter has far stronger associations with the genre.

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The q701s are awesome...... but for metal.....  after 20-30 mins it may feel as if you have shoved your head in a blender.   The highs IMHO are a bit to much for metal.   Clasic Rock is beautiful, jazz is fantastic, syphonies and film scores are all great.  Hard rock, pop rock, techno all sound really good on them but the hurt your head.   May depend on your amp too.  I am getting a tube amp and a few tubes and am going to try and kill some of the highs (which is why i got these)   Im glad they are there if I want them but...... Damn.....  they can be disctracting. 


The k240mkII which are super cheap had a good sound with metal and opo rock.   Put a good amp beind them and I say they are really good.         Most will probably recomend the hd650s for rock.  Im sure they are great.

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Q701s are great for metal... unless you have a horribly mastered mp3. You need flac and it needs to be mastered correctly.

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Originally Posted by Danthrax View Post

Q701s are great for metal... unless you have a horribly mastered mp3. You need flac and it needs to be mastered correctly.

Agreed, I don't mind the weak bass or even the mids but most underground metal production is terrible.


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Originally Posted by NinjaSquirt View Post

Agreed, I don't mind the weak bass or even the mids but most underground metal production is terrible.


Except the q701s have more bass than the grados I have listened to it is also more textured and goes deeper. People need to not recommend grados for death/prog metal they really aren't that great.

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