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New SPIDER " Moonlight " Closed Full-Sized. What a design!

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I did a search but nobody seems to have this posted up just yet. Hang onto your wallets!

(Coming in Q2) 2012

Spider Moonlight.jpg

Talk about design. I think it's aesthetically excellent, maybe you disagree.

They were mentioned as hovering around the $399 mark retail on release. At least that's what the rep at CES said.


"We tried developing ultimate detail with crispy mids and highs and good for the classical music "



50 mm dynamic driver, Leatherpads with memory foam ( a rival for the sony earpillows???), aluminum frame.

 Definitely waiting for impressions on these.

They look big but not so bad when worn.


Oh just realized why they look a little "cleaner" than others. As far as can be seen there's no ugly silkscreened logo or badging, wonder if that'll stay the same in production.


Thanks for the heads-up Tyll !


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Interesting... another new face in the market. $399 is not cheap though, and it has to be on par with headphones like the HD650 and SRH940 to get any sort of FOTM here.


Kinda looks uncomfortable though, but I like its unique looks.

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Looks pretty cool.  I wonder about the street price.

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The two-color design of the cups themselves looks a bit frumpy to me, but that metal, the cups, and the headband are gorgeous.

I am captivated by what I would do to this if I had some paint. I see something inspired by the BMW art-car M3 GT2 on those earcups...




I've no doubt it'll sound great, and if it's good enough I may just have to get my hands on a pair.


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I wonder why this is getting no attention; it's a big deal for Spider Cable. Is there another thread on these already?

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Doesn't seem so. Tyll just posted these up on his site so I thought I'd get the heads-up going in here too. CES just finished so maybe it'll take a bit of time.

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Too bad they're so huge. Christ. I need to find a mirror to see if my full-sizes look that ridiculous on me. ^^

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A cool look, but I wasn't that impressed with the Spyder sound on their voice focused iems, v muddy in the bass.
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By "Coming in Q2", what does that mean? Because I can't wait to put those UFO's on my head!

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 Quarter 2 of this year so that'd be after 3 months in. April-ish?

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dems perrty.

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They look really comfortable, leather with memory foam. Sounds like heaven. I also like the Closed Back design, hopefully they won't leak sound.

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I dont like them much...the look solid built but the design. blink.gif

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I'd just be interested in trying how comfortable they are, they sure look comfy, wow @ those pads, ultra-thick memory foam = DO WANT.

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Oh dear, there goes my resolve. Natural sounding for classical music. Great looking.
Huge! Memory foam. I can't keep on buying headphones.
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