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Has anyone compared the Headroom Micro + Astrodyne to the O2? To me they sound pretty similar. No major coloration coming from the amps really. You can easily hear the changes in sources with both (if they have some minor coloration).

Neither sound thin/cold or dark/warm. Based on memory the treble on the Micro might be a bit smoother, but not sure. Both seem very transparent to my ears. The Micro might have like a little more body to the sound (like barely detectable). I have no reason to A/B compare them since I like them both. My guess is that the Micro is much more powerful and I like having actual inputs in the back instead of the front! I wonder if there's any headphone out there that the Micro struggles with? Can't imagine that really. Not even the K400 needs to go past 50% volume on medium gain. I haven't tried any of those power hungry Hifiman headphones.


It's really nice having a backup amp for my bedroom that's pretty similar to the Micro! The E9 and Magni definitely were not it. The E9 even uses the same op-amps but they sound much different.


BTW I think the O2 sounds closer to the Micro than the Magni. Magni seemed a bit thin/bright. I don't get that with the O2 at all.

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I have a HeadRoom Micro DAC and Micro amp, a HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply, and a HeadRoom Desktop Balanced Headphone Amplifier. Had great experiences with all of the equipment except for the balanced amp that I've had to send back once for a bad capacitor and is currently not working in one channel now. The balanced amp is the oldest of the equipment, so age could be a part of it.

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After nearly 3 years I finally bought the Micro DAC to go with my Micro Amp.

I think the Micro DAC will be gone and all sold out soon so i'm glad to have been able to get one.


If it's comparable to the ODAC/Modi or even a tad better i'll be happy. I love how it has optical inputs. Might be useful.

Sick and tired of USB powered DACs!


Hopefully I like the Cirrus Logic CS4398 and it's not a clone of what's on my crappy Ipod Touch 2G :biggrin:


Been through a few other amps but I haven't found anything as good for the Q701/HD-650.


It actually sounds very transparent to my ears. Way more than people give it credit for. Even more so than the O2.


People who say that all Headroom amps are warm, dark etc probably haven't tried them for more than 10 minutes or it was caused by their source or headphone :normal_smile :


I would like to find an amp that's similar to the Micro that's under $500, but it's probably not going to happen. Like I posted before, the O2 is the closest i've come.

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For what it's worth, I still like my HeadRoom "Triple Stack" with the Ultra Desktop DAC (UDAC), Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) and Desktop Power Supply (DPS).  It's amazing run balanced with my HD-800s.

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