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sennheiser pc360

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Not sure what forum to post a question about gaming headsets.


Anyway, looks like the Sennheiser 360 model has been discontinued. Checked several sites and read an internet post about them being discontinued. Anyone know what they are going to be replaced with?

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Several places have the PC360 in stock, but the price is very high.

Could be the wholesale price went up on the PC360s and retailers cutback on stocking them.


Sennheiser just came out with the new gaming headset the PC320, which is about 2/3 the price of the PC360.

My guess is retailers are going to prefer to stock the new PC320 over the PC360.

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Hi guys.

The PC 360 is not being discontinued. It is one of our top gaming headsets, and we are very proud of it. The PC 320 is a new headset, which we introduced just before Christmas. The two headsets are quite different so it’s worth while checking out the specs for.


Lars, Sennheiser

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By any chance will we ever see a Senheiser pc 370? smily_headphones1.gifbiggrin.gif
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Check out the new PC363D. Looks like the PC360 and HD518 blended together. If they used the 518 drivers it will be absolutely awesome.
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