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Fitear Private 333 cable upgrade?

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Does anyone know if there is a cable upgrade for the "Private 333" ?
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The plugs look sort of like the plugs for the Sennheiser HD650 headphone.  I guess this company just had to dare to be different.  

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AFAIK it's a proprietary plug, so most likely no.


It's the same they use for the japanese police/Self Defense Force equipment they produce, and the reason why they are "different". It's much stronger and durable than the 2 prongs model from JHA/UE/etc ...

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FitEar has finally begun to offer replacement cables for their products. The cable for the MH334 and MH335DW are the thickest and most robust-looking.



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I just got a new cable from Jaben in Hong Kong - its a fair bit thicker than the standard MH334 cable and has a carbon fibre type jack cover - sonically it sounds immediately punchier than the standard cable - snares almost make you blink!  After that, it offers more detail across the board.  Sceptical initially, I was impressed enough to cough up the cash!


If I have a criticism, it doesn't wrap over my ears and stay there very well.

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Who makes the cable, and are there any pics??

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ALO Audio offers replacement cables.

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