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DT880 Replacement Parts - Donor Headphones?

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My older DT880s are still going strong in their role as dedicated home theater headphones, but the headband (foam / cover) and silver velour pads need replacement. In particular, the pads are compressed flatter than they should be and all the stuffing is over on one side.


After doing some searches and seeing some older threads about ordering replacement pads from Beyer or Headroom, plus the headband replacement parts, I was starting to question the value of doing anything with these headphones. After all, there are tons of ~$100 headphones now that sound great, and that much on replacement parts seemed questionable, especially when I know that this really just amounts to a "luxury tax" from Beyer - these parts probably cost them well under $10 to manufacture.


In any case, I saw some threads about similarities to Superlux headphones, and after seeing some pictures, I wondered if it made more sense to transplant parts on a $50 pair of headphones like the Superlux HD660 / HD661:



I don't know if the pads are 'compatible' size and fitment-wise, and how good the quality and comfort is. Anyone have any experience doing this, or ordering reasonably priced pads / headband parts meant for other 'phones but compatible with the DT880? I do like Beyer's velour pads, and if there is no reasonable solution, I guess I will shell out for OEM parts - heck I've paid a heck of a lot more in the past just for headphone cables, so I guess value is all just relative. Suggestions / input would be most welcome.


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This guy sells Chinese custom-made cheap velour earpads that fit the various Superluxes, Beyerdynamics and German Maestros:



I bought these cushions for my Koss PRO4AAAT and they are rather nice. Not quite as comfy as real Beyer pads but far better than the Superlux pads.

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Cool, that's worth a shot - thanks.

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