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Originally Posted by jr41 View Post

Congratulations on the 1200 mk2 Leiker535, you lucked out there!


Regarding the Cambridge Audio Azure 640p, I use one of these in my setup (Rega RP3) and I've been very pleased with it. There are ton of positive reviews on the 640, all saying what a great phono stage it is for the money - I think it would be a good pairing with the 1200.

Thanks man :D, but I don't about the cambridge, the problem is: I didn't find any stores that ships to Brazil, I just found Pro-ject and these stuff. Any concerns about them?

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No concerns from me, the Pro-ject boxes are usually pretty good. 

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Now that you owe this excellent machine the upgrade fever starts, I strongly recommend that you look into Kab ugprades for 1200. I own 1200 with a lot of upgrades and acoustically in the A/B test with my friends VPI, they are not far apart. To me the first and the most important upgrade is on the RCA cables on the turntable, if you can spend, get the Cardas wire that Kab makes. It really makes 1200 warmer. Good luck. 

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congrats on the 1200, I've done several shoot outs with expensive turntables vs late 70s/ early 80s DD decks and the DD decks are either just as competitive or in some cases best the expensive decks. 


I now have a Yamaha px-2 that I bought off audiogon a year or two ago that had a finicky tonearm. I had the deck serviced by a guy in Orlando Dr Bizzt (he is on ebay and audio karma under that name) and just the servicing raised its level of performance several notches. I've since done a counter weight mod that he sells and damn if it isn't the best deck I have owned, 


In many cases these tables just need competent servicing and a few improvements to get them operating in high end territory. I had a Sony PS-X7 that I ran against a Super Scout Master and I and several others felt it was a close race with more than half the people preferring the Sony. (go figure) 


The better DD decks are $100 to $1000 used depending on the model. I've got $910 into my PX-2 and I am selling my $5000 english belt driven deck because it is just that much better. 

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Originally Posted by Shirukii View Post

Don't bother with USB turntables or turntables with built in phono pre amps, almost all of them are implemented poorly and the extra technology added in doesn't justify the price. If you're looking at modern turntables, the Rega and Pro-Ject tables mentioned above are good deals. You can even look into older Rega models like the Planar 3, a fantastic table for the price they usually go for (400-500 USD), make sure to get one with the RB300 tonearm if you go this route, it's amazing.

I second this, try to spring for a REGA 5 though, there are some nice mods available for it.

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Ok guys, since I hate to go spending money in things that I don't know(oh the irony...), I tested my TT's in a receiver that I have here, and the surprise: turns out that the receiver drived the turntable REALLY great, the funny thing is, that it drove my Dt880's(600Ohm model), really nice too, the volume goes up to 70~80, but I could listen at 40. I know that this isn't the only(and not recommended) way to know if the DT880's were giving them full potential, but they sounded really great, like the Shure SRH 440.


I couldn't use the receiver as a pre-amp because I broke one of my LD MKIII tubes, but I don't think I'll be needing the Pro-ject, or Cambridge, the receiver is a Sony str-de897, what do you think?

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Looks like you should be fine. And when you replace the MKIII tube, I expect you can output from the receiver as a pre-amp just fine to the LD. 

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