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Vintage Koss Pro/4AA

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My dad remembered he had some of these hidden away from the 70s. I was hoping they'd be all cool and not sold anywhere anymore but looks like they are on Amazon still, damn D:


Ordering a 1/4 to 3.5 adapter so I can give em a listen.

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I got a refurbished pair from a DJ at a radio station that I used to work at. Paid $80 for them and everything form the headband to the ear cups was new. I am guessing that it might have been a warranty replacement; I got them in a bag with no retail packaging. Although I do not know of any official way of dating them, mine have metal around the ear cups, which seems a little different than the ones I have seen on recent retail websites. I loved mine while I was working in radio, the retro look and durability for everyday use is what I liked about mine. They suited my music listening both at work and at home, and I still use them from time to time…I never experienced any of the problems that a lot of people from the forum have, excessive clamping force, or comfort issues. Mind you I have a large head, size 8 in hats, and wore them for several hours a day. Happy listening!   

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Hello all!

 I have a pair of Koss Pro 4aa since 1974.. I sent them back to Koss to replace the ear pieces...unfortunately they could not replace the originals. The originals earpieces were gel inside when you listened to those phone no outside interference. The replacements were just pads..not nearly as good as the originals. Oh, what can one do..I still have them and use them from time to time still sound good after all these years of Rock N' Roll. I also have a set of K6 Quad phones and Koss Phase 2 +2. They still work after all these years, of course I had to replace the foam.

Be Well

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Originally Posted by e2pathos View Post

My dad remembered he had some of these hidden away from the 70s. I was hoping they'd be all cool and not sold anywhere anymore but looks like they are on Amazon still, damn D:


Ordering a 1/4 to 3.5 adapter so I can give em a listen.


The ones they sell now are not the same as the vintage ones from the 1970s. The bass isn't really there with the new ones but when it comes to highly defined detailed treble it doesn't get any more better for analytical listening then the current model. They could easily be used for mixing and mastering minus the bass.


My dad used to have a pair of vintage Koss Pro-4AA which got "passed" down to me over time as I was the only one who seem to use them in the house. They really hugged my head like two firm pillows enveloping me in a misty summer ocean of very warm bass rich music. They were also the first headphones where I found out about the surreal immersive joy of gaming with headphones as I played Id Software's QUAKE and I felt like I was right there inside the game being chased by chain wielding psychotic ogres. I'll never forget that magic moment.


Unfortunately that vintage pair were already on their last legs with the padding starting to fall apart big time after twenty plus years of use. So I went back to speakers without headphones really latching on to me until about 2006 when I started living in some noise filled environments and was looking for a solution. Thanks to someone who runs the housing program for disabled people am in advising me as if with a knowing smile of what was to come to try out headphones that started me on my slow road into what has become some major fun times where I eventually found out about the newer model of the Koss Pro 4AA.


When it comes to Koss so far on my journey I have tried the Koss Pro 4AA, Koss Pro 4AAT which sounds more like the 1970s model of the 4AA thanks to the titanium drivers which gives a comfortable amount of warm bass, Koss UR40 and the newer Koss UR40 with the titanium drivers which also has more bass but is more mechanical cold sounding, Koss Pro DJ100 which felt too subdued for my taste as if all the details had the highs chopped off. I preferred the KRK KNS-8400 over the DJ100 which had plenty of spark on the highs.


The Koss Pro-4AA needs a few hours of burn in out of the box. When listening to it the first time the treble was way too shrill. After eight hours it was starting to sound great as I was playing CRYSIS 2. A burn in period of 150 to 200 hours is suggested to break them in.

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My Pro 4AA were my first serious cans.  They are long gone, but I still have their replacements, the Pro 4AAA.  The Koss Pro4AA was a major leap forward from the 1960's vintage Telex Encore cans my dad had for the family to use.


I have kept these cans because of their sentimental and historical value--to me.  The fact that I could see the Koss HQ from the second story of the house I grew up is certainly a factor.


Have to admit that once I heard the early Senns (in the U.S. anyway) during the early to mid 70's, they were the new winners in every category except for isolation and sound leakage.  The Senns were also a great deal lighter on the head than the Koss cans.

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