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For Sale: Tubes - 6F8G & 6SN7 - Amplitrex Tested

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For Sale:
Tubes - 6F8G & 6SN7 - Amplitrex Tested

Will Ship To: US

With the new Amplitrex AT1000 tube tester in house, it’s time to release a bunch of extra tubes for which I have too many and will never be able to use in one lifetime (and to recoup some of the cost of this beast).


Most of these got tested in both the Amplitrex and the Balancing Act, but not all.  I can send test results via email if requested.  I tried to match by Gm first then also by plate current, which is a bit more hit & miss, and not many sellers do that. 


If you get a noisy tube, I will give you a refund if you ship it back to me. 


The Tubes (that are left):




RCA 6SN7GT Gray Glass – three singles - one single is weak, two others close to NOS.

Price: Singles: $40  $25/weaker one


Sylvania 6SN7GTA – One very closely matched pair - close to NOS

Price: $80


Shipping will be determined after sale and paid by buyer.  Will ship with insurance.  If you want several, I may cut a deal but I am basically asking what I paid or less.


Please direct me to your feedback here or at another site like ebay or audiogon.  I won’t be selling to people with no feedback. USA sales only.

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