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For Sale: FS/FT: hifiman HE-4

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For Sale:
FS/FT: hifiman HE-4

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, i'm selling a lightly used pair of HE-4s. They are in very good condition with a very small scratch (you can see it second picture, just a little south of the screw where the driver connects to the headband), and I have used them for about a month. While I do like these headphones very much, I have upgraded to the HE-500. I bought these from a previous owner who shipped them to me after 3 months of use and in perfect condition. I have all the accessories and box also. Feel free to PM or email me with any questions or inquiries. I will ship them CONUS and handle all the shipping costs, but if anyone one wants them shipped somewhere outside the US that's fine also as long as you are willing to work out splitting the shipping costs. If you are in San Diego feel free to come check them out or pick them up locally


added left/right side photos


possibly interested in trading or doing trade + cash (in either direction)


edit: price drop again

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Damn, I would've bought these a month ago. frown.gif
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For the love of god, someone who would enjoy a Beyer DT880/DT990 hybrid (nice bass, sparkly treble but not as piercing as the Beyers) should REALLY be jumping on this. This is an absolute STEAL, and honestly, I doubt ANYTHING comes close in the price range.
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pending sale

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Did I help? biggrin.gif
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sold! i dunno, but now you can have peace of mind!

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