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Your design work and prototypes look very amazing.  Great stuff!!

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Any updates?

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Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to work on them as of late. I'm in the process of moving, so in 2 weeks I should have a lot more time :)

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Well it's been a year later but I've finally resumed this project. I've been working on some prototypes of the clips that hold the headband and gimbal rods together that are a bit more feasible to machine than my original designs (no complex 3d curvature). It's a single piece design made of aluminum with a plastic tipped set screw that helps hold/lock the gimbal rod in place. There's also a screw that goes through the headband spring steel to keep it from falling out as well. Here's some renders of the design:









And here's a few photos of the prototypes I've been working on:




Right now I'm just trying to get the tolerances dialed in so everything fits in nicely with the existing Grado parts. I've also been tinkering around with different ways to mill these for a better look. ...and this time I'm going to finish something biggrin.gif

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Amazing. Keep us updated! DIY is what this hobby is all about, at least the hardware side :).

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Wow I've seen this project some when else and i fell Of my chair at how beautiful the product was.
I've been looking form some metal parts to hold the gimbals and rods as move built some wooden circles to hold the cups.
Would you be interested in selling a pair of metal rod holders in the pic above ?
Keep going mate .
I've been making a few cups as a hobby and now ppl seem interested yeh
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Thanks! I'd definitely be willing to consider making them for others I just need to first finish this design up and find out how much it would cost to have someone make them (since I won't have the time). The multiples you see in the photos are just tests with different diameter holes or lettering, not multiple copies of a final design unfortunately. I'll definitely let you know when I've got it all finalized and hopefully it's something that can be reasonably priced.

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Necro-bump to hopefully see how this project is going. Cant believe this hasn't received more attention it looks awesome.

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Hey there,


I haven't actually made any progress with this as of late because I got side tracked making stuff for my car. Thanks for the reminder though, I do need to get back to work on these! I'll have a small update for you guys soon :D

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These look great!

Subbed and looking forward to the update.
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Please keep up the good work,these look oh so gorgeous.
You have me hooked lol.
Add some nice turbulent drivers and your away 😛
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Thanks for the encouragement everyone!


When I originally started designing these it was with the thought of them being a one off where cost wouldn't be a primary concern, that meant I could have crazy curved surfaces that take 2-10+ hours to machine on a single part (at $100/hr in machine time if I were paying to have it done). People have messaged asking if there'd be any possibility of buying a pair and while I'd love to sell them, I'd feel weird asking for several hundred dollars or more for a simple clip. It'd be great to be a part of the Grado modding community and contribute something of my own but if that's whats going to happen I'd rather it be for as many people possible. With that in mind, I spent time thinking about how to simplify the design while still keeping it equally functional and hopefully just as beautiful.


The latest example of that is the left/right headband clip was previously designed with two holes up top, one for the gimbal rod and one for an insert which would then secure the steel part of the headband. I had thought before that was the only way of going about designing it (there's a ratio for the maximum depth you can drill vs the diameter of your cutting tool) but we were able to push things just a tad so that a small groove could be made that fit the headband without an extra part. It's a pretty trivial looking change but it removes an extra part that probably would've cost about $10 to make, and all of that adds up fast :o


So anyways, here's that slightly modified part, that's now just a bit simpler to make. Hopefully I can get some time to work on it more and hopefully it can be something that's reasonably affordable and still a worthy upgrade. If you guys have any thoughts on what you'd like to see, feel free to share!


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I think you should try and sell your design to Grado, its stunningly beautiful, but yet unmistakably a Grado.


If you make those blocks that lock the shaft in position so you dont have to adjust the headphone every time you put it on they will sell like hot cakes!  I'll buy one as it drives me nuts..

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I think you need to add shaft fixation screws, like them on hp1000, and L R signs.
I want to by it!


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I wonder how Grado would respond to that... my gut feeling is these would be too expensive for them to produce (or cut into their margins) which is why they originally moved away from the HP1 design in favor of lower cost plastic. An entire metal design would be perfectly feasible but only on their highest end models.


The clips will have both L and R labeling as well as a recessed set screw with a nylon/rubber tip to hold the rods in place. The set screw detail is visible here on the right side:




I just didn't want to have a large protruding thumb screw like the HP1 because it wasn't as clean. My hope is to work with the original Grado design framework but contribute something of my own by moving towards softer modern geometry and away from Grado's vintage/retro.  

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