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For Trade: Triple Fi 10's up for Trade

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For Trade:
Triple Fi 10's up for Trade

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These are probably my favorite IEM's that i've heard but I've had them for a long time and I need to hear something new / different.


They work , sound great and look great.


This is what ALSO comes with the TF10's;

- Stock cable

- Silver aftermarket cable purchased from (ChrisHimself here on Head fi)

- Gunmetal grey UE case

- A pair of NEW Comply Foam tips

- Cleaning tool

- Extender Cable

- 1/4 inch adapter jack


I think that's a pretty awesome deal if I do say so myself.


So let me know what you have for trade that's of equal "value" and maybe we can work something out.

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PM sent.

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PM Sent!

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Pm sent

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PM sent - Mon Feb 13

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