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For Sale: Dynaudio BM5A Studio Monitor Speakers

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For Sale:
Dynaudio BM5A Studio Monitor Speakers

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm selling these speakers because I recently upgraded to a pair of B&W 803s. I'm the original owner and have had them for around 3 years. They're in good condition meaning they don't have any glaring defects but there are some small scuffs that are noticeable on closer inspection. 

  • The tweeters have some dust on them (the silk is sticky and tends to collect it over time - and I'm too afraid to try cleaning them)
  • Left speaker has some darker spots on the paint around the silver bezel pieces (I can't tell if this is paint that's been scratched off or just something dirty on them but it doesn't wipe off with a damp cloth)
  • A few small marks outlined in the pictures (a few mm in size and not very noticeable against the wood grain)
  • a chipped corner on the front bezel of the right speaker (pretty much only noticeable when the speaker is upside down)


Detailed specs can be found here:


What's included:

-Speakers (2)

-Power cables

-XLR cables (will provide XLR to XLR or XLR to RCA your choice)

-Original Dynaudio Packaging


Speaker Stands:

I also have a pair of speaker stands I used with these speakers that really help with the sound (by minimizing the reflections of the bass driver off the desk I'm assuming - if you intend to use these at a computer).  I can include them for an additional $75 + shipping (they were about $140 originally). Details can be found at (they're in perfect condition with the original box):


The other stuff:

I don't have any feedback with the new system but heres a link to my old feedback here: and my ebay username is the same as well)

Buyer pays actual shipping costs, local pickup/listening in the San Francisco Bay Area is welcome. Asking $600 + Paypal fees. Thanks for looking!

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Bump for a great set of speakers and some of the greatest pictures I've seen so far.. !!


I wish you were living in Quebec, Canada, as I would buy them instantly ! Shipping speakers to my province usually cost way too much.

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