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dayton dta-100a stinks? Coming from a guy who has Beats as a picture...
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Sorry to resurrect this thread but I'm finding it relevant to my interests right now. 


I had a DTA 100a for about 8 months. Recently returned it when it developed a nasty buzz through the headphones. It's performance on speakers was rough, gritty and unrefined. Friend of mine who's into tubes thought it just sounded like ****. We both agreed however that the performance of the headphone op amp was pleasantly inoffensive. 


Sent the DTA 100a back when it started to buzz like I said and requested a Topping TP21 as a replacement. Got it, tried it out with speakers and was floored. I've been using an Audiosource Amp100 on Mission Model 70 MkII's with vinyl, CD rips and Spotify Premium. The Amp100 is smooth, non-fatiguing but not nearly the most revealing. I'd like to stress the part though that it really doesn't sound bad at all. It's a budget king at $89 for a 50wpc bridgeable power amplifier with two inputs and a daisy chain output. The Topping's speaker output by comparison is forward, lively and dynamic on my digital sources. Horrible on my vinyl as it exposed every single weakness inherent in a setup that's more for show then serious listening. The headphone op amp on the Topping sounded screechy and hollow. I've commissioned a friend to build me a voltage divider which loads the Topping's speaker outputs at 8ohm and will have a usable input for headphones of between 32-250 ohm. I need that magical sound I was getting through my Missions through my headphones! 


I guess the two are kind of opposites in my experience. One has a nice sounding headphone output and a rough sounding speaker output. One has an amazing sounding speaker output and a worthless headphone op amp. If you are seriously thinking about the Dayton to drive headphones you're better off getting a Cmoy. If you want the Topping to drive desktop speakers in a near-field setup it'll do the job and sound good doing it. 

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Yeah I ended up opting for the TP30 with the built in DAC and this gave me 2 outputs, one for the pc and one for my ps3 at my desk to use with my monitor. This is my first amp so not much to say about it, the headphone amp seems pretty good to start out with, adds a bit more punchy bass and smooths out a lot of the rest of the sound. No problems with the amp after like 5months 

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I purchased the Dayton DTA-100 for my son's setup MacBook Pro setup to run a set of Boston Acoustic CR 5's and it sounds great. Well worth trying.
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Originally Posted by jcroft25 View Post

I checked my local kijiji listing and there was a pair of PSB Alpha B1 for 150$ and a Polk RTi A1 for 140$

I scanned Egg and saw the RTi6s going for $139.99 dipping $10 cheaper than they ever were when on promo/sale for as long as i remember hehe


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