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For Sale:
CI Audio VHP1/VAC1 Combo

Will Ship To: United States

After a long period of non-use, I've decided to put my CI Audio VHP1 (with matching VAC1 power supply) up for sale. I have the boxes both units came in, the power cables (factory cable from CI to go between the two and an IEC power cable for the VAC1), and the wall-wart power supply that the VHP1 came with (I've never used it, only taken it out to test it - it works). 



The VAC1 is flawless, and I recently cleaned both units enclosures to remove dust and so on. 


The VHP1 came to me with a slightly "noisy" pot - if you jerk the volume control quickly or "slam" it into the lowest (or highest, I guess, never listened at highest) position it will make a "pop" noise. Normal usage was never a problem. I cleaned the pot with DeOxit and it quieted down. I used the units for years with no problems; last summer when I cleaned everything (before packing the stuff up), I cleaned the pot again (it didn't really need it, it was just an easy thing to do). There's no noise/problems during normal listening. 



If you want to buy one of the units independently (VAC1 or VHP1 + wallwart), I'll let them go for $150/ea (I know the VAC1 can work with other CI products, which is why I'm making this offer). Otherwise, $275 for the entire kit, shipped, in the US. 



I am (as far as I know) the second owner. These units have been kept in a smoke/child/food/etc free environment for the entire time I've owned them (I've been the only user), and they came in excellent shape from wherever they were before that (aside from, as mentioned, the pot making a bit of noise). 


If you don't know a lot about the VHP1 - it's the older version of the VHP2, it has less fancy caps, pot, and resistors. They use the same basic design though, and the specifications are very similar. 


I can take pictures and put them if you'd like, visually they are in great shape (no dings or scratches, all of the silk-screening is still there, the logos are still there, etc).


I don't have any paperwork for these, they didn't come with any (to me), and I don't know if there should be any paperwork associated with them. 


My feedback thread is here:


I use PayPal, but I may accept other methods of getting money (hey, if you wanna fly out, and bring me cash, why not!). 


Anything I forgot, PM me. Happy to answer questions. If you have no feedback/posts, I'm probably going to pass.