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Hi to Whiplash Audio


I had sent at least 3 emails regarding the payment received for my order of the Elite Reference LOD with BG caps since 5th Jan 2012 and whether you guys had received my mail of my TWag V1 to TWag V2 from Singapore under the name of Cheong Shunjie.


Craig: Ever since i had made payments to the whiplash audio paypal acct, i had never received any more replies regarding my enquires.


Customer Service: Craig, you asked us to send emails to them for any assistance. I had send them emails regarding my queries however still no replies up to now. Can i asked what are those customer service personnel doing and why you tell us to email them for assistance where they don't reply.


I just need some replies to at least know the current status of my order. I don't think as a customer im asking too much. Pls kindly reply to this post