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Monitor Speaker

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went to canada computers earlier to see if an associate could give me some insight on some nice speakers. he showed me the Behringer Truth B2030A 
nice lookin monitor speaker. basicly what i wanted. he said "theres no need for a subwoofer. the 'purpose' of monitor speakers is to eliminate the extra speaker." i hope the bass is as banging as he said it would be. they come in singles. i might buy a second one if i dont like the sound of just one speaker. 
ok so here is the tricky part. how am i gonna connect it to my computer?
there are a couple of ways i can hook it up
1. buy a sound card (Creative sound blaster titanium HD). use RCA - 1/4'' cord from my computer to the speaker.
2. buy a mixer. use a 3.5cm cord to connect my computer to the mixer. from the mixer ill use a RCA - 1/4'' cord OR RCA - XLR to the speaker.
option 2 is the cheaper way. but i have no idea how to use the mixer. not sure how to tweak each knob. option 1, the sound card has a DAC built in. i think id need to buy a DAC for the mixer
what are your thoughts?
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any one know a simple way of connected a monitor speaker to a computer?

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3.5mm splitter to stereo rca cable, or get the http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/502.aspx simple and cheap mixer , you can use TS to rca cable , or rca to rca cables.


Also it would be best to have a stereo pair rather than just 1, also the bass is not "banging" the small B2030A only goes down to 75hz , the bigger B2031A would have been better.

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Im gonna get a pair of book shelf speakers and a sub instead. Its cheaper and id be more happier with a 10" sub. Know of a good combo?
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