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I just recieved my pair from this guy, though he doesn't seem to be selling anything anymore.




These seem sort of fatiguing though they're certainly way more detailed than the KSC-75s I had. 

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For those who are living in China and can read Chinese, seems like this Taobao(Chinese ebay) seller is putting his Vsonic gears on sale(plus some other models like GR99, GR04 etc):



GR06 for 200RMB+shipping!  If you search around, the other sellers are all selling at the suggested price of 400RMB


I am already a proud owner of GR07, but can't resist the price and just order this GR06.  Planning to use it as my 'go out' gear while GR07 shall be staying home!


Scam or not?  From the reviews another buyer says it's legit... I'll keep you guys updated after I receive mine(should take bout a week)

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Seems like that deal is sold out already

I'll post a review of GR06 instead after some burn-in

I also own a SE215 and will probably sell that if the sound signature is similar to GR06(mid centric, sweet male vocal, stronger than average bass, weak treble etc?)

Anyone here who owned both SE215 and GR06, how do you compare their similarities and differences?

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After hours of reading, comparing and lurking I came to a conclusion that either the VSonic gr06 or the Sunrise Sw-Xcape IE will fit my needs, which one do you guys think is better ?

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I would go with V06, I think because on IE bass is slightly emphesized and on V06 it's the mids that are emphesized slightly which suits better my music taste. The price, accessories, build quality is also I think on V06 side.

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How would these fair with a person who predominantly listens to electronica styles of music, rock and also acoustics. I was looking at this, the Shure SE215, JVC HA-FXT90 (bit pricey though imo) but I'm not sure what to get. I am trying to get something in the sub $100 AUD range but can go above if it is really necessary.

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just received my gr06, some thoughts vs se215/gr07:


even straight out of the box, i can hear slightly more details compare to se215, esp for treble and bass notes, as well as background instruments.  both are warm in vocals, but se215's vocal seems even more forward and sweeter than gr06.  se215 has more sub bass than gr06.  gr06's bass emphasis is in the mid bass.  but as you should know by now, they are both far from being 'bass light'.


will evaluate on presentation/soundstage again with at least 100 hrs burn in, right now it just feels shallow and everything is like being played in a tunnel.  instrument separation is the strength of gr06, but se215 is clearly dominating at all other aspects(for now).  i have a feeling that even after burn in, se215 shall win in the overall presentation, it just feels more fluid/moving for hard beats, like hip hop, rap type of music.


for gr07, the treble clarity, details, and quantity easily dominates that of gr06.  some say it will improve somewhat after burn in but i'm not holding my breath here, treble is clearly not the strength of gr06


i'll start to find a local buyer for my se215 nevertheless.  the se215's cable is way too long for my outdoor usage(it's about 1.5m long!).  yes it's replaceable but what's the point doing that to an entry level iem?  gr06 and gr07's cable and build are comparable.

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At 50 hrs, I have a better understanding of my gr06 now and am officially in love with it!  Now, a more structured comparison between gr06 and se215, for those who are still deciding:


Things that se215 is better at:

- Isolation - gr06 is even smaller than gr07, plus the nozzle is shorter than se215's.  These, combined with the better fitting of Shure's oval shaped iem to an average man's ear, gives se215 a much better sealing for outdoor use.  My personal estimation is that se215 blocks about 1/3 to 1/2 more noises than gr06, provided you get a good sealing with both of these iem's.

- Sub-bass - as many have pointed out, gr06's low is concentrated at mid bass.  se215's bass is more balanced, but not as detailed as gr06.  The sub-bass gives se215 an extra 'kick' when presenting music like rap and hip-hop.

- Male vocals - the emphasis is definitely there, the voice is so forward that it feels like the singer is just right beside your ears, but by being so forward, you miss out a lot on everything in the background

- Source - se215 is less picky about the source than gr06.  Feeding crap(128k mp3 from mobile) to se215 will still sound somewhat decent, possibly due to the lack to detail to begin with.  Whereas gr06 seems to magnify the problem with your source, like ipc sounds even more flat and cold than what it should be.

- Look - lol... for those who actually care how others perceive you by the iem you use.  A shure definitely looks better a 'no name' square brownish iem eh?


gr06 is better at:

- well, just about everything else, and that's the real deal!

- details - I am picking up a lot of details previously gone unnoticed or unheard on my se215, and that's throughout all of treble, mid and bass.  I will say I can hear about 70-80% of the details I heard in my gr07, and for 40% the price of gr07, this is very impressive!!  For this alone, gr06 is a keeper for me and I am selling my se215!

- Female vocals - the recessed female vocals on se215 is not a problem here!

- balance - even though the focus is in the mid/bass, gr06 is still a lot more balanced than se215.  Now I can listen to different genre instead of focusing only on pop/rock/hip-hip, which was the case for se215

- Instrument separation, still too busy compared to gr07 when presenting classical music, but much, much better than se215 already


Things that are comparable:

- build - both seems sturdy enough to bear a certain amount of abuse; both are worn top down

- accessories - I actually find the Shure to have better fit and sealing with the standard silicone tips, but Vsonic is providing countless amount of tips including the nice hybrid's, so... a draw here!

- soundstage - I have a feeling that they are each better at a certain genre of music, but I'm not good at describing these kinda things, so... forget it for now.

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great review. appreciated!

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Yes nice impressions, thanks
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looking forward to my gr06 :D

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I am in a doubt between Sony XBA-1 and GR06

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I tried xba-1 in a local store.

IMHO, if you need any bass of decent depth and detail, go with GR06

Try out any single driver BA's, they all share more or less the same issue with extension to high and low

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I've seen frequency response graph for XBA-1 and it has great bass extension, all the way to 20Hz. The treble in XBA-1 is not so good because it extends only to about 13 KHz, but I don't think that's bad.. we don't hear that good for that to be really important. And noise isolation is superb.

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You more or less said that the PL50 come close to them. Here is the thing - I really didn't think the PL50's sounded good. I prefer my Visang R02 (/Brainwaves M1) over the PL50's. 

Now both my PL50 and Visang R02 are broken, Should I pick these up? In the meantime i switched from using a Cowon S9 to using my HTC Desire (with Cowon BBE audio player - JetAudio, it has BBE Viva), is it a pitty to use such great IEM's with a phone, and would an impandance adapter make a big difference?

Thanks in adavance!
Regards Rune

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