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Repairing X-FI Forte?

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Hi Guys,


I was hoping someone could help me narrow down what failed on my Forte so I can go about repairing it.  I recently had my Forte die when it started outputting a rhythmic beating, coupled with heavily distorted audio (you can't hear anything at all until the volume is cranked up) along with very loud intermittent pops.  This occurs not only on the ANALOG 7.1 out but also the pre-amped out for headphones.  I have taken the board out and tried in different PCI-E slots with same issue.  However, once the PC is turned off for a minutes and the card is out of the PC for a brief time; the card will work briefly in the PC again before exhibiting the above.  It works for approximately 3-4 minutes before it begins again.  Restarting the PC does not seem enough to actually get it to work briefly again, the PC needs to be powered down or the card has to be taken out of the PC and then installed again.  Warranty repair is not really an option, I bought this card shortly after it was released (April 2009) and from my experience, Auzentech tech support is pretty awful.


This is definitely not a software issue and I am sure something has gone wrong on the board.  I have read of another person in this forum having a similar issue as me but he was able to replace a capacitor which resolved the issue.  I have checked my board and can't actually see any physical damage of a capacitor blowing or anything like that on my board.  Here is the capacitor I am going to go about replacing (same one as the individual on here) but I was hoping that someone could let me know if it is correct one to repair given the problems I am describing:




25v 100uF one.  The person on here replaced the other three caps adjacent to this but I was hoping someone could narrow down which one is actually the main culprit. 



I know it would probably be easier to replace the card, but I was fairly happy with it and I don't mind spending $20 in soldering capacitors in a last ditch effort to repair it as opposed to paying $220 for a new PCI-E sound card.  Add to the fact that the onboard Realtek audio results in BF3 BSOD, I will be forced to buy another soundcard anyways instead of getting a dedicated DAC for my headphones.  If there is anything I can do to help narrow it down further, let me know.  I can take an audio recording of the problem if that would help.



Thanks in advance.

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