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I just got into this, but have been lurking for a while. Bought my HD650's two weeks ago and they are my only headphones at the moment. I'm setting my sights on Beyerdynamic T1's or the HD800's next, but I'm so happy with these that it will be a while before I plunge again.

Aren't they amazing?  How are you amping them?

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Counting the cans i ordered last week and including my in-ears for traveling to work..Im up to 14 pairs now..A hopeless headphone addiction! My girlfriend and my parents sometimes question my sanity :P

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I don't have just one pair (wish I did sometimes) but I am trimming down my collection in order to have just a couple pairs. As of late, I've been really tired of owning so many cans so they've been getting the boot, even though I do appreciate the time I spent enjoying them (HD25 <3). Still, I am always curious to try out new headphones. Now that I know what kind of sound sig preferences I have, it's easier to decipher which can is worth keeping and which isn't in the end.

Still interested in a Beyer DT1350, however, I have a feeling that as much as I'll appreciate them for what they are, they may not correlate with my preferences. Of course I could be wrong.
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I've only got my HD558s and my MDR NC13s, one for home, one on the go.

I am planning on upgrading everything sooner or later, so I would have 5 headphones by the end of... well hopefully soon.

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4. :V No, 5. Porta Pro for portable use, M50 for portable/random use, Siberia V2 for gaming (will upgrade to AD700 with a mic at some point probably), D5000 and Mad Dog for home listening. D5000 don't get much eartime nowadays anymore since I received Mad Dogs though.

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Have had my SR125i for some time. Deciding between the k550, D2000 and HD598 for my next one.
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I am always with my Alessandro MS1i and NAD302 amp as my listening rig.


no regrets so far

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