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For Sale: Edition 8, ED8

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For Sale:
Edition 8, ED8

Will Ship To: Anywhere

SOLD- On route to new owner


Edition 8- 2 yrs old in absolutely pristine condition, both sonically and physically.  Approximately 350-400 hours of use. Comes with everything-leather bag, extension cable, 1/4 inch adapter, polishing cloth, original box.


I am looking for $850 AUD firm.  I will post to anywhere, but postage and insurance are not included in the price.  Within Australia I will sell them for $870 AUD inclusive of Paypal and express overnight postage costs.  For the US postage will be around $100 just as a guideline.



Old feedback link is below.


PM me to take the next step or to ask any questions.




"The ED8 are well balanced, almost neutral in presentation, with an ability to render instruments and vocals in a convincing way. They have a slight mid bass emphasis, and perhaps the upper highs are a bit stronger represented over neutral sometimes, but one could argue that these slight colourations produce a fun can.  The Edition 8 is certainly a dynamic headphone, with liveliness to its sound signature, music sounds intense and alive, albeit it reminds me more of studio sound than venue sound (as opposed to the T1).  The sound is punchy, crisp, clean, and detailed, drums have a “thwack” and "thump" to them, hi-hats crash, cymbals "clank and ping" when they should, and guitars are full bodied from the twang of the strings, slide of the fingers, to the resonance of the wood.  Instrument separation is superb, never congested or blended, good positional sound-stage but not airy in any way.  A great all-rounder, certainly one of the best closed headphones available and in my opinion clearly in the same league as the top tier open headphones of today. 

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very tempting lol

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Be tempted.  I suspect they will sell fairly quickly at this price, and I would prefer to sell within Australia.

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Yes sold.

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