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Sennheiser HD598 vs Bose AE2

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Hi gurus....I have been longing to buy a good headphone, I was almost on verge of buying Bose AE2 when one of my friend suggested me Sennheiser HD598 which is coming for $160. I have seen lot of posts about how Bose is a lifestyle company and spends most of their research towards advertising rather than the product, so I want to hear from you which one to go for HD 598 or AE2 in terms of sound quality and performance and value for money.


Thanks in advance


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598 no doubt

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Go for the Sennheisers. Can't go wrong there. I picked up a pair of Sennheiser 380's from Redline Tech in Colombo to complement my Senn HD 497 and Senn EH350 and I can say its a night and day improvement since the other two are lower end cans and the 380's are towards the higher end. That said I have herd many good things about the 598's around the web and they boast a good frequency response. I also own the Bose AE2 which have been on the shelf ever since I got them. The sound is too sculputred and it does sound dull, even after I had it running for 15 hours hours to break in. Also seems like the Bose cans need a headphone amp to power them. Bose does not give you a figure but I think the AE2's have a nominal impedance in access of 100ohms as they are really hard to drive. The Sennheiser 598 have an impedance of 50ohms which is close to the 380's 54ohms. So they are easy to drive with plenty of volume on PC and other general use equipment. The only downside is that the jack is 6.3mm on the 598 but they do give you an adapter for the smaller plug in the package. Maybe it's just me but I think the $60 Sennheiser EH350 sound better than the $150 AE2. One plus about the AE2's is that they are very comfortable on your ears.  

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bose is overpriced crap 

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The 598s are as, if not more, comfortable in my opinion.

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One plus about the AE2's is that they are very comfortable on your ears.  


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I was simply mentioning the only design plus point I see on the Bose AE2, I don't doubt that the 598 is superior in comfort to the Bose. 

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go with d1100 instead, people who are shopping into something like bose will not enjoy going straight to the audiophile side, the 598 is warmer than normal, but that doesn't mean more booming bass. Something like a d1100 will give you the best of Bose to your ears and the best of audiophile world.

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The 598s are as, if not more, comfortable in my opinion.



Actually, I did purchase the HD 598 recently and from my experience they beat the Bose AE2 and the HD 380 when it comes to comfort. A beautiful set of cans. 

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