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I wonder if the scsi or firewire versions would be any faster. I'm really happy with this drive it's quiet and fast and TRUTH BE TOLD it actually SOUNDS BETTER than my other cdrom drive!! It's the TDK velo cdwriter. I actually think the source of the sound improvement is the cdplayer software bundled with the drive. Actually it's probably a combination of both in that the bundled cdplayer software takes advantage of this drives extreme error checking abilities. But then again I dont really know im just speculating.

I dont know who it was the said it but i USED to have the RICOH DVD combo drive but the POS friggin broke down about 2 months after the person warned me that his drive had all kinds of laser problems. I guess thats why RICOH cancelled that line of drives... because they SUCK.
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LOL, i'm pretty sure that a SCSI device is faster than a IDE interface. Also, i forgot to mention i burn from a Plextor SCSI 40X cd rom to the Plextor SCSI 8X burner. Rarely do i get a frisbee.
The TDK Velo did catch my attention though, it looks/sounds like a very solid unit.

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I like the unbranded Mitsui silvers from CDR Planet.
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When it comes to CD writers, there are currently none out there even fast enough to push IDE to its limit. The only reason I wan't SCSI is for multitasking purposes, and as for firewire, well that's for portability(external writer).
As for hard drive, SCSI will always be my main workhorse, I use IDE drives for storage.

The TDK 24x VeloCD is a great deal. Inexpensive, and works great. My friend bought one few months ago.
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I'm staying with IDE becasue of its lower cost. For the price of one SCSI HD I can buy two IDE drives and put them in a RAID array. But SCSI used to be the thing for CD burners. I use TDK certified plus cd-rs for audio and cheaper imation cd-rs for general data. If i need to store something for a while I break out the verbatem (sp?) datalife pluses. For cd-rw I use imation 10x. I have only had trouble with this one cd-rw brand, called princo or something, other than that I have not had a single cd-r/w not work with my drive, a teac cdw512B.
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