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I Just Got My JPS Labs Superconductor Cables! Woohoo!

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Yup, I've dived off the deep end by getting a biwire run of these speaker cables. I don't want to post comments yet, but I will in a few days once I've done some testing...

I can't believe I spent this much money on cables...I hope jude buys something useless soon so I'll feel better about myself
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heehee, Jude's bought enough useless Hifi stuff in the last two weeks to last you a lifetime of cables! He'll back me up on that, I know it .
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Everything I've ever bought has resulted in miraculous improvements to my listening quality -- especially those RCA Caps.

Seriously, though, here's what's on my to-buy list (you can decide what's is or isn't useful):
  • Beyer DT-990 Pro 250-ohm model (just placed my order with HeadRoom).
  • Sorbothane half-sphere-type isolation pads for my SACD player (and maybe for my Max if I can find some smaller ones).
  • Fancy shmancy electrical outlet (ordered a PS Audio one yesterday).
  • I'm considering another headphone amp for the office (currently switching between my JMT-built cmoy/Hansen/Apheared portable and my Total Airhead). Considerations include a HeadRoom Cosmic, another Creek OBH-11 (har-dee-har-har, yes, I did just sell one....stupid me), HeadRoom Little More Power......maybe I should just stick with what I've got.......we'll see.
  • One of the less expensive SACD players Sony will be releasing soon, for the office.
  • Ross is trying to convince me to try the Sony MDR-CD3000's, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to pick a pair up for some reason.
  • Fancy power cord for the Max. I already ordered a hospital-grade power cord for only ~$10, plus around $10 for shipping. But I'm thinking of also trying one of the fancier power cords.
  • Several more SACD's.

It just never stops....

Moo, where'd you get the JPS's? Yes, you must let us know what you think of them.
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Hey Jude, get the Stax SR-001 MK2 electrostatic earbuds! now! You seem to be filthy rich! Get something useful and review and get some Etys while you are at it... found them here...

Though, you can get 3 of them for that JPS cable...
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Originally posted by chych
You seem to be filthy rich! Get something useful and review and get some Etys while you are at it... found them here...

Though, you can get 3 of them for that JPS cable...
Filthy rich? Man, don't I wish. I just freed up a lot of hi-fi budget by selling off pretty much all my extra equipment and winning a bunch of stuff in that contest, etc.

But your suggestions are certainly interesting. I considered Etys very seriously at some point. My issue with them (and it's not really an issue) is that, when I'm working, I have to constantly take my headphones on and off. My guess is that the Etys wouldn't be ideal for this. Given their isolation, though, I'd bet that few phones could match the ability to make audible the absolute tiniest of details. I'll have to give them a listen some day.

Uh oh, I'm starting to get off topic here. I'd better stick to the proper forums, lest I be moderated!
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The Tara Labs Prism Reference Power Cords are also very nice. I had tried one previously on my DCT-1 and I got noticeable improvements. I don't know how much of an improvement it will have on the New MAX though. They retail for $250, BUT acidtripwow has them on sale for $100. What a steal....

From Tara Labs Web Site:
• Improved bass performance: clean, crisp and dynamic.
• Reveals a deeper, wider soundstage with outstanding clarity.
• Greatly improved color saturation, contrast and picture sharpness.
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Yeah, right, like we should believe all that nonsense. Perhaps a "better" power cord can make a slight improvement in quality (although I'm not quite sure how that is...), but it can't change bass response! It can't change the damn soundstage! "Greatly improved color saturation?" Maybe they're talking about high-end food coloring?
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Well Dan (seeing that you have some nice cables), you believe in cables... so why not power cords? I mean, it is a cable after all...

Since you believe in cables, you should believe that there are bottlenecks involved when using crappy cables...

Now why can't this be applied to power cords?

I mean, power supplies HAVE to be important, no? Who is to say the power cord is anything like your DH Labs ICs.

Anyways, most psu upgrades usually improve the bass somehow, so I can buy the bass improvement thing with power cords. Don't know about soundstaging and the other seems to be talking for video products.
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My interconnects carry my sound signal. Power cords only carry a good old alternating current. I simply don't understand how one power cord can "better" supply power to an amplifier. I mean, there are such things as power conditioners, but a better cord? Somebody please explain this.
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I've had many a conversation with good ol' Danny Boy on ICQ, and he's got a very impressive, analytical motor up in that noggin of his. So I'm guessing this is going to take some impressive convincing. Frankly, I'd be very interested in reading any responses regarding this too.

Explanation or not, acid's Tara AC cord is tempting, especially since I totally dig my Tara interconnects.

acid, what are you upgrading to, if you don't mind me asking?
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You are becoming the king of Tweaks
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Moo.. looking forward to your review. I have the superconductor interconnects ... they are tight! A biwire run of speaker cables should sound awesome.
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Here is a snippet of an old power cable review:

Power cords. Can they possibly make a difference? ... the answer is an unequivocal and emphatic Yes! So what do I tell the crew at work when they demand and explanation? This is where it gets sticky. It seems like there are three possible explanations. The first is the "power cord as antenna" theory. That is, the power cords function as an antenna, happily picking up RF and other garbage and feeding it into the 60 Hz --- .... The second theory is the "power cord as filter" idea. In this case, rather than adding garbage to the 60 Hz.... Third, there is the "power cord as shunt" theory, where the power cord is somehow adsorbing all of the high frequency components caused by the AC/DC rectifications and ringing back through the power transformer. Finally, there is the "power cord as transmission line" theory. In this case, the power cord is designed, or terminated, to add resonance gain to a 60 Hz signal (or exact harmonic), thereby diminishing the relative effect of any other spectral components.
Here is the whole review:
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Sometimes this hobby of ours can get strange.

Case in point:


Why does a power cord need a wooden display case?
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It even comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

It's the MDR-R10's of power cords!

Each Kaptovator is hand assembled and tested using only the finest materials and uniquely serial numbered. They come in their own hand-made, velvet lined wooden case with our logo LASER cut into the cover, and with a matching genuine JPS Labs Certificate of Authenticity embossed and signed. We guarantee this is the finest AC cord available at any price.
more info here : http://www.jpslabs.com/kaptovator2.htm
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