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Denon DCM-370 too loud!

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I just did a comparison test between using the Denon by itself, and then using the Denon as a transport to the Gamma, and as it turns out, using the Denon with the Gamma pulls out low level details better. Problem however is the Headroom Home has a pot mistrack at low levels, and is off centered to the left. Along with that, the Denon's volume control does not work on the coax out jack, only the analog out. So, I have here a *LOUD* transport + DAC, which means I have to keep the Home's level down. Which in turns mean off centered music.

So I'm wondering, is there anything out there that I can put between the Gamma's analog outs and the Home to cut the volume down, so that I can turn the Home's knob up to the point where it won't be mistracking? Would those volume attentuators on Headroom's site be what I'm looking for?
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I have an Audiosource 10-band EQ between my source and HP amp, that includes separate attenuation-level controls for the right/left channels. I usually leave it set at -4 db attenuation and that allows me to use more of my amp's power, thus eliminating the problem you mentioned. This way, in addition to the ability to boost the high-freq's (due to hearing loss) I can also match the output level of ANY source as needed, to obtain maximum versatility from my amp. Now, it's easy to match hot/cold sources.
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I think Headroom recommends those attenuators... might want to look into it...

Hmm, its not on their site anymore, step over to Radioshack or something to find them...
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I do not like that upset emoticon right next to DCM-370 ....

now you showed your dismay with it, how about some Postive aspects of Dcm-370 ? Many of us are countong on you !

THanks for the heads up on the volume issue.

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I was just about to ask this question

I just bought the DCM-370 on friday, and it sounds amazing... (though the carousel is a little noisy). Unfortunately, I've run into the same problem... I have no amplifier (no money after this purchase) and my HD580s are far too loud on the lowest volume level (-12). Is there any way I can cheaply reduce the volume without decreasing the quality too much until I get an amp?
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I'd call Todd and see if he still has the Attenuators previously listed on Headroom, I believe they do -5 dB but you can get more powerful ones.

Maybe getting a 1/4" -> rca then two attenuators then rca -> minijack will help the HD580 dilemna... of course there probably is an easier way...
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The attentuators are still on Headroom's Yahoo site, and it goes for $34.95. Which is why I want to make sure it IS what I'm looking for. I doubt Radio Shack has anything of the sort.
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I live in australia, and I really don't want to pay about $70Au and wait for ages to get this attenuator

Is there an alternative? (something common)

I really don't want to kill my ears, it's really way too loud coming from the headphone jack.
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I just want to add an offtopic comment that HDCDs sound quite amazing on the DCM-370.. and I would have never thought that I I'd have any trouble with a headphone output playing the HD-580s _too_ loud at any loudness.
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Regarding vertigos initial point I would like to symapthize with him as I had this same problem when trying to record to MD via the DCM 370. The levels are so high that no matter what I set the recording levels on the MD too I still get all kinds of peaking. I have to use the output on my portable CDP.
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MD Trouble

Was the trouble with peaking through the optical or analog output? Because part of the reason why I bought the DCM-370 was for the ability to use the optical for the minidisc. Secondly, ai0tron, do you still have that Creek OBH-11 and will it pair up nicely with the HD-580s and DCM-370 (without being to friggin' loud)?
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vertigo-1: Would you mind DIY? I once had a similar problem with my hk825/870 pre- & power-amp. I finally solved it by building a cable with an internal voltage splitter (two resistors per channel) - price: rummaging through my components, 10 minutes of soldering, 20 minutes of swearing (why is it, I always forget the back parts of these cinch plugs? ), another 5 minutes of soldering...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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Well this "problem" with the volume only occurs with the digital outs. If I use the analog outs, I can lower the volume since the analog outs on the Denon are variable. If I simply take the Gamma out of the chain, the problem is solved, give or take a few micro details. Of course, some audiophiles spend thousands just to gain those few micro details that I don't mind losing.

On another note, I surprisingly found a very nice Technics graphic equalizer on a closeout table today, going for a mere $20. I snagged that puppy instantly, so now I can get more control over the CDP's tonal output, something I miss from soundcards.
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I've got a Technics SH-GE50 EQ, what model did you get Vertigo? I've done some preliminary testing with it using my SBLive as both a signal generator and an oscilliscope and it seems to work quite nicely.
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It's the SH-8017. Not sure how good it is, but it sure looks pretty when it lights up!
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