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Klipsch S4 or Klipsch S2?

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Hi All,


I am looking to get a pair of in-ears, and am thinking of either of the above...any recommendations/reasons to avoid either? Reviewers seem to think the S2 is the most comfortable thing ever, but of course, the S4 is a couple of steps up and is said to have better sound.


Thanks in advance.

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*chuckle* Well, after the overwhelming response, I did a little further research and I went with a pair of Dunu Tridents...they were good, the sound a delight, but after a week I found them too uncomfortable. The heavy metal casing and the need to drive them into my ear canal became a turnoff (at work I listen for about 4 hours a day).


I usually use a pair of Grado SR60i, so off I go to look for an earbud design that tries to match these :)...

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GR06 is comfy and similarish to the dunu, something like the brainwavz M1 if you want a more grado sound

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Actually thinking of the Yuin PK3 or PK2...any thoughts? I know PK3 has a pretty ardent following on here...

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I suppose I should add, I have been using the Grado's with a Rockboxed iPod Classic and a Fii0 E7 amp with an LOD. The buds I am shopping about for will go with a Rockboxed Sansa Clip Zip 8GB, with a 32 GB micro SD. Pretty much everything played will be flac and primarily jazz and electronic music along the lines of Flying Lotus, Four Tet, etc...

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