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For Sale: FS: Moray James high-end 2metres RCA interconnects

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For Sale:
FS: Moray James high-end 2metres RCA interconnects

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am putting for sale two pairs of analogue cables made by Moray James.
These are my favourite interconnects, with a very high and precise sense of space, instrument positioning and low level detail, while retaining a warm sound and being overall smooth. I preferred them over Headphile Blackmax and Blackgold, among the others.
I consider them on par with VH Audio silver interconnects (no longer made commercially), compared to which, the Morays feel more high-end with their accurate spatial reproduction and capability to retrieve microdetails, while the VH's are built to offer a richer midrange.
I have been using Moray's revisions in several rig (Bitstream + Stax SRM-717 + Stax SR-007/404/SR-003; Assemblage 2.7 + CKKIII + Thunderpants/LCD2), with great success.
The story of these particular cables follows: about half a year ago I bought a set of Klipsch KLF-20 speakers from him, which I asked him to take apart in order to be shipped without case. At the end of it, the overall weight was still so much that shipping from Canada to Italy would still have cost too much (about 1.5x the value of the speakers, for shipment alone!!) -- he offered to buy them back from me, making me these cables in exchange, which I accepted since he makes high quality interconnects.
For this reason, the two pairs I am selling are mint, and have been completed about a month ago.
As far as I remember, a 1.5m pair of cables retails new for 450 usd. You can visit Moray James' web page about the nature of his products, as well as his former accomplishments. He worked with Ed Meitner and John Wright and also contributes to Museatex DACs' upgrades.
The two cables for sale here are long, respectively, 1 metre and 2 metres:
I am selling the 1 metres IC for SOLD Euro (was sold for 180 Euro).
I'd like 270 Euro for the 2 metres pair.
Thanks for looking,

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The 1m pair has been sold for 180 Euro. The 2m pair is still up for grabs, and a great bargain given the price.
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There has been some interest on the remaining pair, but not nearly close to what they deserve.

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Make me an offer!

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