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Bahaha diya cross-over rage?  cool.gif

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hehe yeah something like that, guess it gets to me a bit when people cant be bothered searching (or indeed reading) a 4 page thread......


Hey guys, sorry for the OT i'm about to post. I have a customer looking for a set of DT880/600 I said I would check to see if there was anything local before he bought some new ones and sent them over from Japan. should be able to get a pretty decent price (by international standards)


need to know asap as he'll buy new on Monday if I havent come up with anything.

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you dont say?....

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I wonder whether we'll meet before the end of July, as I'll be away from Brisbane until Nov.

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well I guess that depends on someone picking up the ball to organize it. it seems without the fine efforts of previous organizers the thread is lost. I cant do that as I couldnt give it enough time, but I can help and put whoever decides to in touch with the venue. I have a couple of interesting amps from a new company on loan for review as well, details to follow.

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Sorry guys, totally dropped the ball here. I've been on a 6 month secondment in what I'm gonna call a hard but rewarding ($$$) job. It started off ok but I ended up working 12 hour days and it spilled over onto the weekends. Finished it on Friday! I'm on a little bit of a holiday before going back to my easy job in 2 weeks.

So.... No meet for the moment. Sorry.

Anyone interested in one for the future? October? I don't know what time suits people the best (don't say May). I am happy to book the venue if we get at least 15 definite attendees and will be paying for most of the service fees since I disappeared last time smily_headphones1.gif.
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yeah man, Oct. good for me, i think another mentioned Nov. if we can pin down a month then a day...

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Let's get a month first tongue.gif. November means Kingpage can make it.

We don't have as many people staying with Head Fi these days. Speakers are very tempting but until I own my own home, I'm not going to bother.
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Oh and not buying a LCD-3. Maybe someone else can. I wish Audeze would just get it right from the get go. No veiled versions, toilet paper mods, Rev 9000 etc. 2k is pretty hardcore too.
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I'll be back on 26th Oct, if that makes any difference.

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Early November sound ok? That will give us all time to organise our personal Christmas celebrations ($$$).

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Jrisles is still coming. Woot. 

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Poll up for November. Please vote. 


There are no minimum number of attendees. I'll call Iceworks next month and confirm the date and pay the deposit. This meet is happening :). Tell everyone!

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That's 5 for November although this is a public poll so Joe Blow from Alaska could be voting.

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yeah, Nov. is good, and have voted

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