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Anyone bought anything new?
I'll (hopefully) have a Paradox along with a stock T50RP.

I picked up one of these second hand last week . Currently listening to it powered off usb and through my O2, will eventually be the DAC I give to my wife for her desk. First I want to experiment with analogue filters on the DAC output and I'll also likely build a SE-SE 'The Wire' for the amplifier stage.


I really do have to stop dragging my other headphone amp/dac build out so long. Been a bit distracted lately by other projects.


Oh and I've had my AD900 cans re-cabled lately too! :)

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Too bad you won't see any of my stuff (check my massive inventory, foos) because I'll be away in Hong Kong by then.  Suckers! :(

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Oh wells!

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Mini meet at Grev's. wink.gif
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Since I hopefully with have a voice this week, I'll start the process of booking our venue. We are currently looking at Iceworks BUT if they want to charge me 1k, I'll be moving us elsewhere. Their prices have been steadily increasing.

I will (hopefully) have my end stage amp with me for the meet. Ordering next month (just bought plane tickets this month and a W3000ANV so I'm poor). Sorry Jeff, I'm not going to get a Balancing Act but we can have an amp show down instead. I'll make an early guess that the ECBA will win though :P.
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Just for your weekend funnies.
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I'll be there.

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"Location: Washington, DC"
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Yes.  Moved.

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Cool bananas!

Did you end up getting a T1?
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Man, maybe another meet then I can bring my crap.

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Don't worry, there is always next year biggrin.gif.
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Maybe I'll go to the Hong Kong meet instead, if there is one...

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Hmmmm should be.
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