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For Sale: Meier Cantate2 (AUS)

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For Sale:
Meier Cantate2 (AUS)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is my Meier Cantate2.  Great amp, I'm selling it as I recently purchased a V200 and simply don't need the Cantate.  Absolutely perfect sonic and physical condition.  The amp has a dead silent background and drives both my low impedance (ED8 30 ohms) and my high impedance (T1 600 ohms) with no issues whatsoever.  I find the Cantate a very neutral amp, it simply gets out of the way of the music and lets the Headphone sound signature shine through.  The Cantate does have a DAC (USB connection) but I don't use it as such.  I have tested it out and it is better than the standard computer sound card, I think it is a pcm2702 based on this


As an amp, the Cantate is great and is around the Jazz level as far as performance goes.  It has the Meier cross-feed and does have high low gain, however it is changed internally rather than via a switch.


$350 AUD includes Paypal fees and express postage within Australia. or

$330 USD (includes Paypal fees) plus actual postage costs.


Old feedback link is below.


PM me to take the next step or to ask any questions

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No international shipping?

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Postage from Australia is very expensive.  The cheapest post cost to Denmark would be $112 AUD.  If people are prepared to pay international post costs and deal with insurance, customs etc, then I would post over seas. 




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