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I'm thinking about buying the AKG Q701s, the Fiio e7/e9, and one other pair of headphones for portability. Do you think this is a good setup? Also, will my speakers benefit from the Fiio e7/e9s? They are plugged in so I don't know. What about the ATH-M50? the Sony MDR-XB500? Which one would you recommend? So basically my questions are:


AKG Q701 vs Beyer Dynamics DT 770/880/990

AKG Q701 vs K701 vs K 702

Fiio e7 and e9? 

Will my speakers (plugged in)benefit from the fiio e9?

For portability use with my ipod and fiio e7, ATH M50 vs Sony MDR XB500? <Keep in mind for portability wise, looks matter>



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1) What kind of sound do you want?  That's how to pick a headphone.


2) The E7 is a decent DAC and the E9 is just for more power.  Some of those headphones might need the E9 and others won't


3) The E9 has nothing to do with normal speakers..

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