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New headphones

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Hi, I am a guy who enjoys listening to everything from Heavy Metal (as deep as doom) to Drum n' Bass to Hiphop. I have the Audio Technica ATH-m50, but I feel that it doesn't go as low as I'd like. I'm not interested in Beats or whatever, as I think they're cheap plastic headphones.
I looked at the HD650 from Sennheiser, but I'm not really sure.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

(And sorry if it's the wrong forum)

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You're not going to get something that goes much lower.  Are you looking for a more pronounced bass perhaps?

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Maybe, it's just that I want something with a bit more kick, and abit better looking too if possible. I got my child savings and have a job, so I can throw some cash. I am planning on getting an amp for headphones, don't know which one yet tho. So basicly I want something that's good for that too. :)

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Kick more than M50, hum, maybe HFi580, but there isn't a big difference. Its hard to have more punchy bass without sacrificing all the frequencies.  I find pro2900 very good with heavy metal but its not the same price. Pro900 can be also very good if you are ok with the recessed mids.


HD650 isn't very good with heavy metal.

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That's okay, for that I then have my ATH-m50's

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