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Another "up to 200$" thread

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Hi there! I'm new to this place although read the forum for a year or so.


Now I have HA-FX35, IE4 (which I don't really like) and Yuin PK-3 which I really like but I need much more isolation little more treble and maybe little wider stage. Budget up to 200$. Source is sandisk clip+, can add an amp if it will fit in budget together with IEMs. Also, monitors will be nice as I play bass and write music sometimes.



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I suggest to look up Joker's thread on IEM's, in there you will find an unbelievable amount of info, inc price ranges and a huge amount of IEM'S.

I think you will find what you are looking for.

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Agreed that you should just go over joker's thread. Here's the link in case you're not sure what we're referring to. 

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Reading Joker's post was the first thing I've done here. But I'm afraid I've got some problems in translating his impressions to my ear language:) That is why I wrote that I like Yuin pk3 - I need somethig with same sound signature.

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Actually I like GR-7 from review but not shure if my clip+ will be able to drive them to reasonable volume.

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shouldnt be a problem on the clip+

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