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I've been using my V6's for two and a half years, after browsing this site for awhile and considering a lot of different options. I'm thoroughly glad I made my choice, because I love these things. I don't have a perspective on what's "quality" headphones, but I notice their flatness easily and I love it. I have no idea how people enjoy cheap Beats and whatnot, they sound so muffled with an over-pronounced and muddy bass. I don't know what specific model they were, but I hated em. Oddly I had a friend of mine listen to my V6's, and his face literally lit up when he heard them, despite thinking that those same Beats sounded good. He seemed like he was strongly considering getting a pair himself. He graduated before me, so I've got no idea if he bought them or not.

The pads are completely shot to hell, but I still enjoy wearing them. Maybe I'm more tolerant than I should be, since I have totally exposed foam yet I can wear them for 8+ hours a day. I'm looking into the Auray Sheepskin pads that someone mentioned earlier, there's so many damn pads you guys have mentioned it's rough to find a good set. These look very durable though, whereas as soon as I looked at the stock pads I thought "Yeah these are going to break". Oddly they only started tearing after ~1.5 years of heavy use, so that says something. Dunno how much that's going to change the sound.

Overall, amazing headphones. They're perfect for me because I use them for everything. Gaming, music, and all manner of videos.

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 Yukondano2, the Sheepskin pads are greate, they're very similar to the stock pads in feel and sound, but they are much much more durable and have no adhesion to bare skin.

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I got a Question for you guys , is there any iem's with the same or similar sound to the V6? I got a pair of the V6 for about a year now and I love the sound, but for my work it's better for me to use iem.
Ps. is it possible to bye the "for DIGITAL" stickers from anywhere? I bought my V6 second hand and they where missing.
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Once you add the 'for Digital' it will sound best.

I have not heard an iem with the same vocals. I'd like to be proven wrong.
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I picked up a pair of these on the Amazon Deal of the Day today.  Anxious to give them a shot.  I have experience with B&W P7's (my primary), Beats Studio Wireless, B&W C5's, Senn HD650's.

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Bit of a delay, I am currently using the Extra-Deep earpads, also from Auray. I got them because the Sheepskins were apparently a bit shallow and that wasn't something I was looking forward to. These ones are a little bit smaller in diameter than the stock ones I was using (Though I may have been used to them being completely shot to hell) but my ears still fit in them fine and after being worn in a bit, they're quite comfortable. They're definitely deep enough for me. They seem far more durable than the stock ones, and the jump in sound isolation from broken stock ones to high quality extra-deep ones is pretty substantial. These are honestly better than the stock ones when they're still fresh, good quality product. I had good luck with the cheapest shipping too, got em in only a few days and they were shipped from friggin New York.

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

Bigger, more precise sound stage with clearer bass and treble, all the clarity and control it sorely lacked before.  The headphone becomes more analytical as a result.  The bass is very balanced.  Beware that the upper midrange peaks will become a little stronger.  The current thicker pads are too much for me, the headphone becomes very shrill and nasal.  I'm using the thinner HM5s that came out first that lack memory foam, these don't exacerbate the upper mids very much.  If you get a set of HM5s, squish them under a pile of books for a couple of days.
I wouldn't exactly call them balanced, personally. I hear shelved off low mids, a big 6db upper and mid bass hump that doesn't extend extraordinary well into the sub bass, and an upward tilted response that rises around 8db or so from 200hz to 10khz.
I also hear slight ringing in the treble. Extension and detail could be better, and they're rather harsh sounding.
Tonality is good, albeit a tad thin. Soundstage with the HM5 pads is excellent. Not bad for 70$ however.
Also, there's a TON of modding potential with these. Pretty much all of my issues with the V6 and 7506 go away after doing a few mods.

Note: I didn't try them stock for very long. Partly due to the stock pads being kinda gross and the HM5 pads sounding better on the V6.
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I didn't call them overall balanced.  I didn't notice so much mid/upper bass boost, it might be because I'm using the thinner v1 HM5 pads as I said there.

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How do the pads come off and what do I need to look for in replacements? I just got these and for what I paid for them they are very enjoyable. I find my P7 to be more musical and more pleasing overall. I would hope so at 8 times the price! But the V6 is a great value and holds its own incredibly well against many headphones I've tried.
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I am really looking forward to the arrival of my Sony MDR-V6 today! I ordered it at Black Friday price of $49.99 from Amazon, a price still in effect at this moment. Only once, for one day (Nov. 8) has it been lower ($39.99).

I have never heard it, but I appreciate the reputation it has earned and have always wanted a pair. I have the Sony MDR V400, which I've had forever and which has worn out its pads, and I anticipate that the V6 will become its replacement.

Anyway, the V6 strikes me as one of just a handful of headphones, including the Sennheiser HD 800 and the vintage Sennheiser HD 414, that any serious headphone collector should consider.
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Well, they arrived.

I LOVE them! I am going on a trip and need some noise-suppressing closed headphones for the trip on the plane. I was originally going to take my Ultrasone Ed. 8 Rutheniums, but side-by-side comparison shows the Sony MDR-V6 to sound quite comparable to the Ultrasones -- not quite the noise isolation, but lots of good tight bass and they FOLD, helpful for my cramped packing! (Ultrasone Ed. 8 list at $1,600; Sony MDR-V6 lists at $70 and was available for $50).

Spectral response is similar up to high frequency... blue is the Sony MDR-V6 and red is the Ultrasone Edition 8

Isolation of the two gives the edge to the Sony MDR-V6 up to 1,500 Hz, and a > 10 dB advantage to the Ultrasone Ed. 8 above 1,500 Hz (which is where I think the "whoosh" sound of the airplane sits).

EDIT 3 Hours Later: I take it back... over a range of songs, the Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium headphones are noticeably better than the MDR-V6, as you would expect from the price difference. There is more treble clarity and transparency, and better sound stage and imaging with the Ultrasones. But the Sonys are GREAT... so glad I got them!
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Mine just arrived from the recent Amazon Black Friday sale. Crystal clear, rich and bold sound. Love it. :)

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Originally Posted by blse59 View Post

Mine just arrived from the recent Amazon Black Friday sale. Crystal clear, rich and bold sound. Love it. :)

I sold mine a year ago, then for $49 I just HAD to buy it again, one of the best bargains for me ever. And such a great headphone.


Unfortunately it says : delivery in 3-5 weeks. Duh...

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Guys what's the impedance of the MDR-7506 model? I see more or less everywhere it's mentioned at 63 ohms, but Sony India site spec says 24 ohms! Are there different versions?


I'm confused!
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Originally Posted by ithehappy View Post

Guys what's the impedance of the MDR-7506 model? I see more or less everywhere it's mentioned at 63 ohms, but Sony India site spec says 24 ohms! Are there different versions?


I'm confused!


There's only one version (63 ohms). That site got it wrong.

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