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I've been using my V6's for two and a half years, after browsing this site for awhile and considering a lot of different options. I'm thoroughly glad I made my choice, because I love these things. I don't have a perspective on what's "quality" headphones, but I notice their flatness easily and I love it. I have no idea how people enjoy cheap Beats and whatnot, they sound so muffled with an over-pronounced and muddy bass. I don't know what specific model they were, but I hated em. Oddly I had a friend of mine listen to my V6's, and his face literally lit up when he heard them, despite thinking that those same Beats sounded good. He seemed like he was strongly considering getting a pair himself. He graduated before me, so I've got no idea if he bought them or not.

The pads are completely shot to hell, but I still enjoy wearing them. Maybe I'm more tolerant than I should be, since I have totally exposed foam yet I can wear them for 8+ hours a day. I'm looking into the Auray Sheepskin pads that someone mentioned earlier, there's so many damn pads you guys have mentioned it's rough to find a good set. These look very durable though, whereas as soon as I looked at the stock pads I thought "Yeah these are going to break". Oddly they only started tearing after ~1.5 years of heavy use, so that says something. Dunno how much that's going to change the sound.

Overall, amazing headphones. They're perfect for me because I use them for everything. Gaming, music, and all manner of videos.

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 Yukondano2, the Sheepskin pads are greate, they're very similar to the stock pads in feel and sound, but they are much much more durable and have no adhesion to bare skin.

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I got a Question for you guys , is there any iem's with the same or similar sound to the V6? I got a pair of the V6 for about a year now and I love the sound, but for my work it's better for me to use iem.
Ps. is it possible to bye the "for DIGITAL" stickers from anywhere? I bought my V6 second hand and they where missing.
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Once you add the 'for Digital' it will sound best.

I have not heard an iem with the same vocals. I'd like to be proven wrong.
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