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Well if you don't mind paying an extra premium then go for it. But in the event you have fit issues this will also add to that "already extra cost". Hope you like them though...

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+1 for UM... Price might be a bit more than inearz but IMO I think UM is an extremely well respected and professional company. Back then when they used to do Re-shells with many different drivers (Like mine) it was often risky. I really didn't know what to expect because it was 3 different drivers from 3 different sources. However if it makes you feel any better, it sounds magical. My best decision ever. In your case, it really depends on what driver you're adding. It depends on what the driver is going to be (Bass, Mid or High driver) and what kind of "Sonic signature" it has. If you're really curious, try contacting UM, Fisher, or other Custom companies if it works. I've been asking a lot of companies lately if they can add a dynamic driver in my customs, but all said no (even UM frown.gif)

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Also 489 would be the cheapest for a 6 driver custom

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Ok here is my update with regards to  upgrading my TF10s.  I received my re-shelled trips with a  total of 6 drivers per side a couple days ago and the entire process took from February 27th, 2012(Arrived @ UM labs) through  April 2, 2012 (Arrived at my door). A little longer than expected; however, between the final outcome of the customs and Mr. Gou’s prompt responses, I am not at all disappointed with my decision to re-shell and upgrade my trips through Unique Melody. They have excellent customer service, and my phones came out amazingly. They fit perfectly and isolate better than with their original shells.

Ok the important part, how do they sound? I would describe the sound as warm. The remolds with the added drivers have way more bass and mids than my original TF10s had, and respond well to equalizing. They sound F-ing awesome, and no more buying comply tips = WIN!WithCables2.jpg

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after i read all the comments, i decided to choose um as to caesar my TF10 and+drivers hahaha

today i just met up with UM's staff in Indonesia (LOL the call me and arrange a time for me to fit my LMFAO time schedule)


and the amazing is, they work on easter day just for me (first time i feel that im being respected by customer service LOL, oh yeah she is not the customer service but the director of indonesia UM hahahaha can u image it? :D


call me and text me for detail and give me comment like the TF10 is her's :D


for the before sale service i will say 10/10 i guarantee it,u can call me if u are not satisfied (LOL) joking

and hope after sale service she will treat me as before :D



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I'm facing the same dilemma now because I currently have a universal pair of TF10 which has been serving me well for 2 years and I'm thinking of moving onto CIEMs next.


I'm stumped as to what to choose; currently being offered a nice deal by Null Audio for a reshell of my TF10 + 3 drivers (total 6 drivers) and free artwork for $650. 


I've read reviews from averagejoe regarding the Heir Audio 8.a, JH16, Rooth LS6, LS8 too.


Based on the reviews, I tend to favour the JH16 due to its bass and bright trebles because I listen to a lot of Electronic Music. I've auditioned both the LS8 and LS6 too and I prefered the LS6, they just seem so soothing to my ears.


I've heard that the LS6 resembles the sound signature of UM Miracle but haven't found many threads comparing these two.


Now I'm stumped between the LS6, JH16, or reshelled TF10 UM x 6.


How was your reshelled tf10 so far?

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I've been considering reshelling and adding drivers, upgrading to 6, to my TF10s for months. I like the sound as is but the idea of a custom IEM to round out the collection is definitely intriguing. I could always forgo reshelling the TF10 and just pay the extra for a fully custom IEM but I have to wonder if the extra price over merely reshelling and adding drivers would be worth it.

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Upgrading the tf10s to a 6 drivers custom would cost at least another $600. I was told that a single mids driver upgrade screws up the nice bass of the tf10s. If adding 6 drivers screws up the sound signature of the tf10s then I might as well save the money and buy a pair of authentic customs instead

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Yeah that's what I was worried about. I guess I might think of getting my TF10s reshelled without adding drivers or just save up for a custom. I think I'd really love a Spiral Ear 5-Way but it's a wee bit out of my price range at almost $1700 before shipping and impressions and all that stuff. Yeesh. etysmile.gif

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