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Are these the same? If not, how do they differ? The Sony V6 is almost the same as the 7506, however the 7506 is said to have  neodimium magnets rather than the slightly less powerful samarium cobalt magnets in the V6. The 7506 also has a gold plated plug. The Sony V900HD seems like it may be the same as the 7509HD. What is strange is that the 7510 is a bit cheaper than the ZX700. Usually the pro version is more expensive. I am curious how the ZX700(or 7510) compares with the V900HD(or 7509HD), and how it compares to the V6(or 7506).


The 7509HD has much more detail than the V6. I wonder if the Zx700 has the same level of detail. I wonder if the bass  on the ZX700 is as well controlled as on the V6.