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I'll compare it with the stock cable and my Norse Audio cables.

I'm not much of a reviewer, but I should be able to toss out my opinion on weather or not it's worth the large coin vs stock or the Norse.

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Thanks!  I'll have to get the LC3's to keep up with you!

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Has anyone listened to these to give a report?

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Certainly not cheap! 1.5m £529, 3.0m £579, 4.5m £629. Got the prices today from the UK importer. I may go for the standard Cardas headphone cable for my HD800's. I did ask the importer what the sound difference is between the CLEAR and the standard and I was just told HUGE. Very helpful I'm sure!

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looks cool but i never got the whole thing with dual 3-pin xlr jacks.....seriously why? 4-pin xlr is balanced as well and be less weight to deal with and you can always make a 4-pin to dual 3-pin xlr adapter if you need to use balanced outputs of an audio interface or balanced power amp(never got the whole 3-pin xlr thing with speakers as well since the negative terminals of speaker outputs are always grounded). looks cool though.
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Has anyone taken the plunge?  I'd very interested to know how it compares to the old Cardas cable.

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A few did a while back but it wasn't in this thread.  I think it was the LCD3 thread but don't remember.

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thanks, not a fan of lcd3 so i didn't follow that thread.  i'll check that later

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I added Cradas Clear Headphone Cable to my system with HD800.

It is rather effective cable. It made my HD800 sound a bit better in all aspects: bass is more powerful and deeper; mids are more organic and natural; hights are more smooth and accurate (but there is still a lot of air); soundstage is more stable, with better imaging.

Really great choice for HD800. With this cable they do not sound like another headphones. No. But if you like HD800 and feel that they sound a bit thin and faded, then you will love them with this cable for sure. Clear brings HD800 to life. It does not hide their strengths, but it does hide their weaknesses.

In pair with Cardas GR Interconnect, Clear makes HD800 sound very tasty.

My highest recommendation!


The new Cardas Clear Light Cable was just announced. It looks like nobody purchased it yet.

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What is that all about?  Have you seen it yet?  Glad to hear you like the Clear!

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Originally Posted by Icenine2 View Post

What is that all about?  Have you seen it yet?  Glad to hear you like the Clear!


Yes, I saw Clear Light on ttvjaudio.com and on moon-audio.com. It is not as expensive as the Clear. There is no information about it on the official Cardas site though.

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Thx!  The Clear are a really nice looking cable for sure.

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Any updates? Would love to know how these perform. 

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I purchased the Cardas Clear to go with my LCD-3s at the same time, but there was some lag time between receiving the LCD-3s and the Clear that Cardas had to build to order.


Honestly, I can't say I can hear a difference, and on some communities like Hydrogenaudio, if you claim you hear differences, you'd best be prepared to back it up with ABX tests, etc. or face TOS violations.


What I can say is, I feel like for $1900, the stock cable that came with the LCD-3s felt very cheap and simply did not match the quality of the LCD-3s.  I feel that the Cardas Clear complements the LCD-3s better, just because they don't look or feel cheap.


Also, note that I didn't spend a lot of time actively testing both cables and comparing, but in the end I'm pleased with the Cardas Clear, because of its look, fabric jacket, and pliability.  It probably does help the auditory experience, but I didn't invest the time in comparing the stock vs. the Clear, especially considering that all of the cable swappage occurred during what some would consider the burn-in period.


Could the same effects be achieved by a cheaper cable?  Probably.  But if you're shelling out $1900+ for a pair of headphones, you probably won't mind the additional cost of 3rd party cable.


Would I purchase the Cardas/LCD-3 combo over again?  Yes.

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