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I know that Bose is a bad word around here. So I'll keep this as brief as possible. 


I own a set of Bose on-ear headphones. They are not noise canceling. Here are the exact headphones I'm speaking of...


These headphones kinda surprised me a bit. They sound quite good with decent amperage. Using them on an iPod will not give you the best results.


I use them with my system. Here's what I have for my setup, coming from my SupremeFX-XFi card...


And no, I did NOT pay a thousand dollars for that system. I bought mine at $400 from MicroCenter a couple years back.


At any rate, the headphones sound great using that system with the headphone jack on the main volume unit.


I said I'd be brief, but here I am rambling. Anyhow, the point is that the Bose (to me) sound great. But that's just me. The bass is right where I like it and the mids and highs seem like they are pretty good.


I am very inexperienced when it comes to headphones, and have decided to purchase the K702's. There may be a huge difference in how they sound compared to the Bose headphones. Which is natural since one is an on-ear set an the other are over the ear. Will the 702's give me the all around sound that the Bose seem to have? I know it's ultimately going to come down to my own experience, but I was trying to get as much feedback as possible before buying the 702's.


To me, the Bose set sounds great. But again, I am inexperienced when it comes to what sounds great and what doesn't. My only experience with over the ear headphones are the Z6A's from Turtle Beach. They are a 5.1 surround sound headset and sound absolutely horrible. It's as if sound was coming from inside a 50 gallon drum. Or as if someone took the sound, beat it with a meat cleaver and then gave it back to me.


Now, I'm not comparing a $100 gaming headset to the K702's. I know better than that. I just hope that the 702's will give me the sound that I hope for. Something similar to the Bose, but perhaps better.


Does anyone have any experience with on-ear v.s over the ear headphones?