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Need recommendation for iPod LOD

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I'm new to aftermarket cables and their connections so bear with me.


I recently acquired the PB1 Toucan portable amp, however the cables that I'm using for my headphones use 3-pin XLR connectors.  I believe the sockets on the PB1 only accept 6-pin Hirose connectors.


Where can I purchase what I need to re-terminate my cables with the 6-pin Hirose?






I'm also in the market for an ipod LOD cable for my portable rig.  As far as I know, the iPod is an unbalanced source, so will it matter if I use a balanced for single-ended cable to connect it to my ibasso PB1? 


And lastly, can anyone recommend any LOD cables for the iPod?  I don't know whether I should just go with a cheaper fiio L9, or if it's worth spending a bit more on a "higher end" LOD.


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Update:  I found the Hirose to female XLR adapter that I needed;


Now I just need help with my questions regarding the LOD cable for the iPod.  Anyone have any thoughts?

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