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Headphone Suggestions

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Hello All,


Been reading here for a while, and am interested in possibly buying a pair of headphones. My budget extends to about $200-$300, but if there is something cheaper that is just as good I am obviously interested in that too. My music choices are quite varied but mostly I listen to rock (classic rock, hard rock, alternative rock) the most by far. I also listen to some hip-hop and rap. Needing an amp is OK, but if I spent the upper limit of my budget I would not be able to purchase the amp right now. I am looking for a pair of headphones that have a clean mids and his, a good soundstage and also have tight, accurate bass. I don't need a ton of bass but I would like it to be there and for it to be clean and tight. If I cannot achieve those things without spending more than I guess I will have to save up a bit more.


So far some of the models/brands that I have caught my eye from my own reading:


Grado sr225i

Grado sr325i



Audio Technica ATH-M50


I would love to hear people's opinions on any of those headphones (or for the brands specific ones) or any other suggestions people may have. 


Also, if you could let me know what headphones would require (or greatly benefit) from having an amp that would be great.



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For a pair of headphones with sound far exceeding it's price tag and meeting your criteria, you should get the Samson SR850(same as superlux 668b, but more comfortable).


Yes I'm a little biased because I'm selling one, but it's a ridiculous bang for buck and you'd save a significant amount.

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sr325's if you can stand the brightness. Wins hands down for rock (not so much for hip hop). Also do not require an amp.

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Originally Posted by yd2zhang View Post

sr325's if you can stand the brightness. Wins hands down for rock (not so much for hip hop). Also do not require an amp.

That sounds very good since it is great for rock and that it does not require an amp. Even though they do not require an amp, would they benefit at all from a portable amp that is less than $100? Also, I vaugely understand what brightness is but could you extrapolate on that? 

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PM me in a few days and I'll let you know, just ordered a PA2V2

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