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Sennheiser HD 700: Officially Unveiled at CES 2012! - Page 237

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The HD700 just arrived.

Construction/materials look and feel hundreds of dollars shy of their $1000 retail price tag.

Hopefully break-in will improve their performance.  At first listen, they sound congested from top to bottom with sharp highs and a somewhat tubby, inarticulate bass. 

Will let them play overnight on my AV receiver and listen to them tomorrow.

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After 30+ hours, the treble still sounds hard to me with the HD700, just not enough clean extension for my tastes.  Ditto for the bass: it seems to lack that ultimate extension/articulation.  If the HD700 sound anything similar to the HD800, I may forego the latter as well.

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Originally Posted by purrin View Post


LFF and I would like to apologize to you for making you exercise unnecessary care and caution in your selection of the HD700 as your cans of choice. Obviously, we caused you a lot of harm. As far as our HD700 review causing you to nearly not bother trying the HD700 when you had the opportunity, I call BS on that, because it would have been really dumb for you to not to try it, even for 2 seconds - no review trumps hands on experience.

Purrins review made me feel really weird when I first read it (after a brief test of the HD700, months after owning the HE-400). 

I felt the HD700 was, at first glance, a great HP.

There was something off, but at the time I attributed that to having used the HE-400 for a long period of time. The HD700 sounded amazing in all aspects except tactility.

I felt like the sound was away from me (not in terms of soundstage, but in terms of distance from my ears).

I do find however that I will have to test these HP again (now I have a shop where I can do that) and see if my previous impressions stay the same.

Also, I need to test them with games. My first benchmark are always games, then music, especially games that have very good voice acting and soundtracks.

Just waiting for the Winter to go away to do the testing :D.

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I went against the grain of Purrin's review, too, and tried the HD700 nevertheless.  The HD700 were not at all to my liking and were subsequently sold.  To my ears, the HD700 have an unnatural/hard treble, reminding me of what I did not like in the T1 and DT990.

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