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Best IEMs for funk?

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I am looking into my 1st higher-end pair of IEMs, but I'm not sure what would be best for funk, New Orleans, and jazz. I also listen to a lot of classic rock (Led Zepplin, KISS)

Some examples of the music:

I am looking something with a warmer, more musical sound. However detail and sound-stage are still important, especially with the brass. Bass emphasis isn't too important. I'd like to stay around $300 plus shipping and possibly impressions, 350 is my max. I'd prefer customs due to concerns over comfort and fit, but I can always get universals reshelled at a later date (when I have the money). So far I'm looking at the CTM200s (at the top end of the budget), HiFiMan 272(maybe a bit too analytic), 262 (cheap enough that I could get them reshelled into customs), Kozee X2 (again, a bit pricy), and Westone 2( too much bass?).


Any advice as to which would be best?

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Honestly I like the Brainwavz M2 ( $70 ) for Funk.  The Westone 4 is also another great IEM, but much more expensive.


If you do go with the Brainwavz M2 pick up a set of Comply T-400 tips that match your ear canal size.  I use mediums and have medium sized ear canals.


Here is the link to their measurements:


There is a lot that they do right.  They seal pretty well and are more comfortable than most IEM's I have used.  The frequency response curve is really flat for such a low cost IEM.  The 30Hz square wave shows that bass is reproduced well with a slight amount of decay while the 300Hz response is awesome.  The THD curve is also really good for a low cost option IEM.  The last graph is up the impulse response showing that the drivers are wired correctly and will remain in phase.

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Also interested of the OP question!

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