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Sony MDR-CD3000 repair

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I need to get my headphones repaired. They are the CD3000 and are a bit old.

The cable has become loose causing the sound to go in and out.

Also, the ear pads are disintegrating. I don't know if there are any more ear pads around.

These cans have been discontinued. Will Sony be able to fix these up?

Is there somebody else that will repair them? Are there any ear pads still available?

These headphones have seen a lot of use and I would like to keep them.

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If it's just a loose cable that needs resoldering Sony can fix the problem or anyone here that's skillful in DIY maybe able to help you. As for the ear pads you're out of luck as Sony no longer makes them or has them in stock. Nobody makes replacement ear pads for the CD3K.

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I did pm them with a pad replacement currently available on ebay, just in case anyone else is on the lookout for pads. Only the one listing. As far as how they compare to stock I haven't a clue.


They were listed as  :

Replacement earpad For Sony MDR-CD1000 MDR-CD30000 earpads Black earbuds

but looks like they are all sold or the seller is away the listing is down.

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Can you post the ebay link as the listing doesn't show up. There was a regular seller on ebay that use to sell replacement CD3K ear pads but the seller no longer has them in stock and doesn't seem like he will have them in stock anymore. From what I've read here from those that purchased those ear pads on ebay is that they're a cheap imitation of the real McCoy. They're still as comfortable as the originals and doesn't alter the sound signature any, workmanship is decent just that it lacks in softness as the ebay pads are a bit more stiff.

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I've heard the price for spare parts of the 3000's is pretty expensive. (if you can find them)

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Originally Posted by MDR30 View Post

I bought a pair from this source:






What a great find. 




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