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A few questions regarding V-Moda LP/LP2 vs. ATH M50s

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Alright, kind of a noob here. Have been reading a lot here and such for past week or so.

TL:DR version at bottom!!!!!!!gs1000.gif


Basically, im looking for a good pair of headphones <200$. 


I recieved some Kicker HP541TJ headphones for Christmas, the sound quality is wonderful, (at least to my noob ears (first pair of upper end headphones)) the bass could be a bit better. But the main issue is the size and build quality is seriously lacking. 



What I am looking for is;

Decently portable (will be playing mainly from IPhone)

Good sound (obviously, listen to more dance/dubstep/bass heavy music)

Decent looking

*****durability/ good build

********good ear cup size that actually covers ears good. (really need to know more about my selected cans about the size of their cups)


I think I have narrowed down my search to the ATH-M50s and the V-MOda LP2. But I still need some tips/ questions answered.


First: ATH M50s

i know they are one of the staples around here and such by I don't really care too much about mids and highs as much since in used to listenening to stock buds anyways.


1. Are the cans pretty big? Cover ears easily?

2. Do they play as good with IPhone?


Second: V-Moda LP/LP2 (including both since they are same build)

I am really headed towards these at te moment but just a few questions that have really been bugging me a lot.


1. Are the cans good sized (cover ear easily?)

2. Do they leak much?

3. Are they comfortable?







THANKS in advance!




TL:DR version;

Are the V-Moda LP good sized cups?

Are the M50s any good with IPhone.

Which is best for a bigger headed guy who likes bassier music on the go (iPhone)

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Own both headphones, M50s hands down. 

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The M50s are big, but not massive. They cover the ears easily. They play just fine with an iPhone, and do not need to be amped.  


The Vmodas are smaller than the M50s, and leak more sound. To me, the Vmodas are not that comfortable. 


The M50 has a much better bass quality, while the Vmodas have a bit more bass.


Go for the M50s, you will not be disappointed. biggrin.gif

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A bit too late. Just got the v-Moda LP 2 with a FiiO e6 amp. I can't lie, after owning a pair of kicker headphones and borrowing my neighbors beats studios for past 2 weeks... 


This combo is orgasmic. 


The only slight disappointment is the leakage. I guess the vents are set up like that to allow the deeper soundstage cause when you cover them up, the deep was of the bass dissappears. Te only treason I care about the leakage is I will be wearing them quite a lot in school, but I guess the times where leakage would matter (quiet times), would also mean that a higher volume wont be too necessary so I guess it won't really matter to much.


But after owning/borrowing/extensive demo'ing of:

Beats studios

some cheap sennheisers

bose quiet comfort

kicker hp541tj 

I can say I love these headphones.

Comfort: comfort is amazing, you can notice the tight clamp but it almost seems to make it more comfortable which is really weird.

style: top notch, they look extremely good, which is a major 1up the m50s and the build quality is absolutely perfect with these headphones while the m50s are plastic.


Imo I think I made a good choice, hopefully I don't come to regret it, which. I won't unless leakage becomes a problem (doubtful).


Thanks for replying though!

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dose the e6 make a big difference?

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Originally Posted by ilikedonkeys39 View Post

dose the e6 make a big difference?




The E6 serves as a hardware equalizer to increase bass on any headphone, and for the cheap cost, is worth it for a portable setup that normally doesn't require amplification. Think of it more as a nice low distortion equalizer if you want to add some low end presence on a flick of a switch.


Very best,

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