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RS-ii Infinity Speakers - worth it for $50??

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Found some Infinity RS-ii (circa early 80s) at Goodwill on Saturday for $50. Sound GREAT to my ears!!


Anyone else have experience with these speakers?


Infinity RSii



Open baffle midrange/tweeter section with grille.


infinity rear open back


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Nice deal.....had Qb's wat back when and loved em

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For $50 congrats on the great deal! Maybe want to share them in the Vintage Speaker thread.

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Looks nice. Is that a ribbon tweeter?

What's with that black/gray-ish box behind the open baffle (second picture)?

It may be just me, but they look like they've been modded a bit.
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That is thier EMIT tweeter...quite crisp.http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/23309-infinity_rsii that is a link to a pair at canuck audio mart asking price....$1100.00 ! You definitly got a great deal

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$50? They look like they could be worth 10 times that. I would have gambled on those definitely. 


The best speakers I've ever seen in Goodwill were large Advents which are probably worth about $60 which is also what they were asking.

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Thats one heck of a deal, those a definitely worth ten times that on the used market, in fact

the tweeters sell for more than that when you can find them.


Are you kidding me ? My first thought was this was a joke.


That's a great scroe !

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I think the speakers are in my place now.


I went right to work: bypassed the hi and mid pots, removed the clip-ons and soldered all wires to the driver and a quick clean up. They sound excellent. I have a pair of Qb which I did the crossover update and this RS II is on a different level. Next I think I will work on the Ren 90 I also have. Thank you for selling me the RS II.




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Good to see you on here Max! 


I'm just glad they went to a good home. One of the best speakers I've ever listened to.

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Maxchau. Would you consider selling to a local buyer, me?
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I may be keeping it for a while. I imagine I may sell it some day but I know that's not the answer you want.


It sounds different than the Ren 90 but very musical and detailed. I just soldered one more pair of wires to each woofer from the crossover points to firm up the bass, which is very effective. I also have my woodworking friend made new grills for them so they look good too. Next is a layer of wood treatment stain of some sort.


Thank you,



infinity rs II.jpg
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to be honest ? I compared these speakers back in 1985 at a military retail store against  Polk audio, all Bose systems available, dbx, Cerwin Vega and even klipsch.  and the only comparable sound quality to them was the Bose 601 (not the 901).  the Bose 601 sound as beatutifull to the RS-II however they did not handle as much Power as the Infinity did.  The Bose 901 and the Cerwin Vega D15-EE supported more power but were just a little behind the Infinity  in terms of fidelity (I listen to a lot of classical music).  The Bose 601 and even the 401 paired up in fidelity with the infinity but not in power.  You have a hell of a deal, I could offer $400 to you for that pair if you want because I like fidelity and power.  I owe a pair of Bose 901 and the sound is marvelous but can't put as much power to them as the infinity can handle.  Wanna save some space ?, I give you my 401's plus $200 for your Infinity's.  You'll have the same qualty of sound just not much power to party on your back yard but you will enjoy them plus the benefit of Bose is that you can find replacement for the drivers anywhere and at an affordable price.

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correction, I owe a pair of Bose 401 not 901 and they can't hold as much power than your infinity RS-II.  If you don't have a receiver or amplifier that outputs at least 125 watts RMS, then your infinity's RS-II are just a waste, you can get the same quality of sound with Bose 601 and even 401 saving you some space,  I have a Technics SA TX-50 Receiver that outputs 125 RMS Watts and I nned a more powerfull speakers like the one's you have, the Bose 401 just work fine for my classical concerts listening indoors on a 16x16 family room.

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the best test you can run in a set of speakers is as follows :  

POWER on your woofers ?  Pink Floyd "another brick in the wall" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR5ApYxkU-U&feature=fvwrel

total combined Harmonic Fidelity on all your drivers ?  

try these:

Antonio Vivaldy "The Four Seasons" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFHPRi0ZeXE

or Pachabel's Canon in D minor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvNQLJ1_HQ0

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Maxchau....you will keep them only as long as your wife allows you to...lol. My great score is a set of JBL L120 at a local thrift store for $20. The cabinets were a little rough and the woofers had surround rot. Did the surround for under $30 and refinished the cabinets and grill covers for another $30. These speakers had a mrp of $1100 and they sound lucious. Gotta love deals...I also scored a pair of Klipsch KG 1.5 for $30 at the same store with rough cabinets....refinished the cabinets for under $10 and they also sound great in my bedroom setup with a nice little tube amp.

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